Sofia Carson confesses that she suffered bullying when I was a teenager

There is No doubt that Sofia Carson is one of the it girls of the moment. In addition to having more than 15 and a half million followers (just on Instagram), you have achieved success as a star of the cinema and the television (after appearing in the saga of ‘the Descendants’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’) and also being a famous singer, she never ceases to amaze us with their (always successful) outfits and beauty looks.

But if there is something that you probably did not know Sofia Carson is that this celeb faced a difficult fight against bullying during his childhood and part of his adolescence.

‘I did not feel well in any way growing up… I was a nerd in school, wearing glasses small, I always had my hair up in a ponytail, it was very awkward and I loved to sing and dance. I never felt like I belonged and I was bullied a lot. I remember that there was a group of bad girls that I always was teased because they thought it was rare and they used to tease me’, recently revealed the interpreter of 27 years, in an interview he gave to a well-known american magazine.

‘It was very difficult for me to deal with it all (the frequent attacks of bullying that he suffered). In seventh grade, again I left school and ended up going to a different one. I wasn’t sure if people were going to be good or not, but fortunately they were and I ended up having a very good experience there and made very good friends’, he explained Carson in the same conversation.

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