Some fans really want that Daisy Ridley interpret Spider-Woman Next


The fans would like to see Daisy Ridley get to Samuel L. Jackson and make the transition from Star Wars to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only instead of using a patch in the eye, Ridley would wear red stockings and yellow as the relatively unknown, Spider-Woman.

If Ridley really would do this is anyone’s guess, but the guess is educated is that she could not do it. Out of the sequels of Star Wars, has clung to films relatively small, although most of the movies are small in comparison with Star Wars and other movies of the franchise. That said, the general public might do well with a refresher or an introduction to Spider-Woman.

Daisy Ridley smiling in front of a repetitive backgroundDaisy Ridley smiling in front of a repetitive backgroundDaisy Ridley | Tristan Fewings / .

Who is the spider woman?

Some people may see Spider-Woman and think “Oh, the character of Spider-Gwen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse expressed by Hailee Steinfeld”. However, these are not the fans of Spider-Woman that want Ridley to play. As is often true with the Marvel characters, the history of Spider-Woman can be quite entangled.

The official site of Marvel describes it this way: “Agent of Hydra. Agent of S. H. I. E. L. D. Agent of S. W. O. R. D. a Bounty hunter. Private eye Superpower Without power. Jessica Drew has been all of these things, but it seems that no matter where you take your life, it is your fate to be the Superhero of high-flying well-known in the world as Spider-Woman. ”

The mastermind of Marvel, Stan Lee, created the character at the end of the 70’s to prevent another company would create their own Spider-Woman, according to a number of The Comics Journal. This version of the character got his own animated series in the early 80’s. Instead of getting his powers through a spider bite at random, Jessica got theirs through means most nefarious: genetic manipulation when I was a child.

What have you done Daisy Ridley from The Force Awakens?

While The Force Awakens was not the first credit of Ridley, is what made her famous. However, that level of fame seems to have intimidated by being a celebrity. She was one of a series of actors of Star Wars, including Kelly Marie Tran, who left the social network after a persistent trolling.

Ridley has tended to favour films of a smaller scale such as the murder of Kenneth Branagh, the star of Murder on the Orient Express, and Ophelia, a version of Hamlet told from the point of view of that character. She has filmed another film of science fiction, Chaos Walking, ironically with nothing less than the own Spider-Man, Tom Holland. However, that movie has been plagued by numerous delays and will be released in January. Usually, if a studio releases a film in January, the studio has no faith in it, so that you can make Ridley avoid even more major studio projects.

“I want to be an actor who’s working, and I’m currently unemployed, so I’m not having success at this time,” said Ridley to Variety. “… I just want to be in good things and work with excellent people. Leo many times amazing things. Which obviously is a fight that people are having is funding and this is going to sell it, but in terms of content there is amazing things, scripts and books, that are sent my way. ”

What say the fans about Ridley as Spider-Woman?

The majority of the fans on Reddit were fine with Ridley as a possible casting. Bothered with other things, like the costume. A fan said: “I Prefer the costume more new than the spandex. I’m not sure about Ridley, but it could work with the director / writing right. ” Another fan responded: “I Feel like I could do a combination of both suits, and I think that Daisy might go well in the role, as you said it really depends on the writing.”

Although an illustration of Ridley as Spider-Woman is new, the casting of fans is not. The idea has been kicking around on Reddit for at least four years, and some fans also suggested that it could play Kate Bishop, the young man that Hawkeye should train in your series Disney +. Perhaps it’s no coincidence, Hailee Steinfeld was also interested in that role, although the deal has not been confirmed.