Son of Manolo Rojas follows in its footsteps in the comedy and singing [VIDEO]


Editor: The Popular15 Apr 2020 | 13:47 h

What is inherited is not stolen, you know that the singer Manu R those who follow the steps in the artistic career of his father Manolo Rojas. The young man not only composes and sings, it also has ability to the imitation of well-known characters.

A few weeks ago he composed the song “we are Not alone” as a message of hope and encouragement to all the peruvians who live in quarantine due to the pandemic of coronavirus, this time notable for their characterizations.

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Manu R the breaks in social networks by his imitation of Will Smith with his topic when she starred in the series The prince of rap. Receiving good feedback from his followers, also imitate well-known singers of urban music, whose videos have upload it to your account Instagram.

The son of a member of The Humorous, in addition to end his career, he made his debut two years ago as a comedian in the television program ‘Fast and funny’next to The Puca, where he demonstrated his gifts for comedy and composition was his own.

“My father is a teacher, I follow his advice always. I have a professional career but the art I like, now out of quarantine next to my dad recorded videos of well-known characters national to bring joy to the public through YouTube,” said Manuel Rojas.

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