The 5 best movies and tv shows, Brendan Fehr (according to IMDb)


The canadian actor Brendan Fehr is best known for his interpretation of the lab technician Dan Cooper in CSI: Miami, but also has had many other roles interesting. In addition to acting, Fehr has modeled for global brands such as Calvin Klein and Armani.

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In 2006, he received the award for Gemini for “Best tv star-male canadian”. The actor began his career in 1997. As of today, it has 51 credits in television and feature films in total. Here are the best movies and tv shows according to IMDb.

10 Movie: kill me later (6.3)

In the film, a bank employee named Shawn Holloway quit your job and commits suicide after his goldfish dies and her boyfriend is exposed as a snitch. But before he can escape, she is kidnapped by a bank robber who flees to Venezuela.

Interestingly, Shawn agrees to do what you want to the thief only if he promises to kill her. Things change when it turns out that the vice president of the bank was also part of the theft. Fehr plays a child named Billy in the movie.

9 tv show: Nikita (7.7)

There had been previous versions of Nikita before, but the new 2010 version starring Maggie Q ended up being the most popular. The series CW followed Nikita (Maggie Q), an agent that escapes from a secret agency of the government known as Division and then tries to demolish it.

Fehr appeared in the first season as Stephen, a field agent for Division. In the episode titled “Coupe De Grace”, he was the leader of a special team responsible for eliminating the King of Georgia. He was also one of the men most loyal to the villain Percy.

8 Movie: final Destination (6.7)

A young Fehr appeared in the first film of Final Destination in 2001. She played a high school student named George Waggner, who dies after explode the plane that had boarded for a school trip to Paris.

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The film is often considered a successful night, something that takes a while before being widely popular. After the success of the first film, there were four more movies, as well as books set in the same universe. The film also won the Saturn for best horror film.

7 tv Program: Bones (7.8)

In Bones, an expert forensic anthropologist named Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan is joined to an F. B. I. special agent Seeley Booth to address the complex murder mystery where there is nothing left but flesh and bones.

Fehr appeared in Season 4 of Bones where she played Jared Booth, the brother of FBI agent Seeley Booth. Jared, who was often in trouble and asked his sister to clean up, came to Washington to seek work in the Pentagon.

6 Movie: Only I … (7.3)

Mixed martial arts (MMA) have finally come to the main stream after years of being on the sidelines. Unfortunately, Hollywood really has not benefitted from the fashion. In 2016, there was an exception with Only I …, a film starred by Brendan Fehr as a man named Orion Smith that is located in the worst moment of his life.

Unable to pay their bills, Orion becomes the world of professional wrestling. Find a coach and also falls in love with a beautiful waitress, call Julie Wilkinson. Unfortunately, suffers a severe shoulder injury that returns you to your previous problems.

5 tv Program: Millennium (8.0)

Millennium revolves around a former profiler for the FBI that has the ability to know what you’re thinking of a serial killer. Begins to provide his services to an organization known as the Millennium Group. The organization investigates murders, conspiracy, strange, and matters of worship, and, what is more important, those who think that the world is coming to an end.

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Fehr played a boy named Kevin Galbriath in season 2. The series was created by Chris Carter, and also created X-Files. Millennium was often praised by critics. In 2018, Rotten Tomatoes what is ranked 87 in its list of “Best tv shows of science fiction of all time”.

4 Movie: X-Men – First class (7.7)

X-Men: First Class takes place in the 1960s during the cuban missile crisis. Follow professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr to work together to find other mutants. However, Erik is more focused on finding a mutant that offended him a couple of years ago and, therefore, the objectives in conflict cause a gap between them.

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This leads to both form separate groups, namely, the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Fehr plays the navigator of a ship of war american in the film. The film was a success both critical and commercial, raising $ 353,627,990 at the global level.

3 tv show: Longmire (8.3)

The criminal drama western revolves around a sheriff named Walt Longmire, whose jurisdiction is in the county of Absaroka, Wyoming. In their daily activities, Walt is aided by friends, fellow officers and his daughter dedicated to investigating and solving major crimes.

Longmire was once the highest rated on the network A&E. After the third season, ut was cancelled but Netflix picked it up for a quarter. Fehr appeared in the fourth season where she played the Greg Collette. Someone had stolen the engagement ring from the wife of Greg, which resulted in the intervention of Walt.

2 Movie: Guardians of the galaxy (8.0)

The movie 2014 MCU followed a group of extraterrestrial beings who fled into space after stealing an artifact. The movie had a star cast that included Chris Pratt. Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Djimon Honsou and Benicio Del Toro.

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Fehr had only a minor role as a companion to Corpsman Dey. Dey was a member of the Body of Nova, the military force of the Planet Xandar. Despite being loyal to the army, ends up developing a friendship with the leader of the Guardians Peter Quill / Starlord (Chris Pratt)

1 program of television: Better Call Saul (8.7)

The series of prequels Breaking Bad follows the deviated criminal attorney Jimmy McGill and his ascent to the status of ‘super lawyer’. The series features a dozen characters of Breaking Bad, as well as many new characters. Although it is not a big hit among fans as it was Breaking Bad, the program has been widely praised by critics.

Since its premiere, the series has received 23 Emmy awards. Fehr appeared in season 2 as Bauer, a captain in the Air Force, that gives you access to Jimmy a combat aircraft B-29 so that you can film a commercial. Appeared in the season 3 two in one episode where he confronts Jimmy after learning that he lied.

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