The 5 hairstyles that are successful in social networks during this confinement


During this confinement, social networks are the only gateway to the world outside. A way of being in contact with people who are also suffering the consequences of being all day at home. Although it has its disadvantages, it is important to find the positive part. We will have more time to be able to enjoy some care. There are hairstyles that a few weeks ago would be unthinkable that we do, but thanks to the extra time and the ideas that are coming of the influencers, we are becoming real experts. Chiara Ferragni, Hailey Baldwin, Jessica Goicoechea, or Dulceida teach you how to style it.

The hairstyles that are successful in social networks

  • The ponytail is a classic that never fails. If there is a hairstyle to go by a comfortable home, this is the pigtail. The so-called ‘pigtail light-hearted’ has become the most photographed on the social networks from all over the world. It is easy to do and offers us the possibility to facilitate any activity, a yoga session online with this ponytail is a good option.

  • The waves surfing Chiara Ferragni are a great discovery. During this confinement, have been revealed some great secrets, among them, the way you made the waves an influencer of the level of Chiara Ferragni. It has not been the only, Anita Matamoros has also been encouraged to make a video combing.
  • Braids scattered are perfect to give a romantic air home. These braids are not tied, that means they are in the air, are short-lived and wonderful. Simply trenzamos those sections that we want to highlight and we intend that to be fixed. This idea recreates childhood more enjoyable, with braids and without worries.

  • The bow relaxed, the great winner of this confinement. A bun is the most traditional when we’re at home. What we use to be able to get a hairstyle fast without effort. The reality is that influencers also wake up with hair a mess and the only way to get to look good is to get a bun quick.
  • The semirrecogidos are a real retro. In the middle of spring, a semirrecogido would be the hairstyle that is ideal for any part of the world. Great of the fashion world as Dulceida recreate that wonderful years-90 in the that succeeded these hairstyles and make them his own.

Sign up to fashion the hairstyle of confinement, experiment with your hair, and stay with the best of this extra time. You will discover that with a little time you can know what is best and how to style it as a true influencer.