The ‘Angelina Jolie ‘iranian’ contracted Covid -19 in jail


And, they emphasized what was said by the human rights lawyer, Payam Derafshan, to that organization. “We consider it unacceptable that this young woman had contracted the coronavirus in these circumstances while his detention order has been extended during all this time in jail.”

The current pandemic has paralyzed the planet and has claimed the lives of thousands of people. In the field of the entertainment industry, so several celebrities that have acquired the virus as Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson – who are already retrieved – Idris Elba and Christopher Hivju, actor from Game Of Thrones also managed to recover.

However, others have not been run with this luck. The animator of Walt Disney Studios, Ann Sullivan, passed away last Monday at 91 years of age by Covid -19.

Another industry figure who recently died after complications from Covid – 19 was Mark Blum. The actor of 69 years of age, was known for his character ‘Mr. Mooney’ in the series ‘You’.

In the same way he died the actor Andrew Jack, who participated in the last trilogy of ‘Star Wars’ and also was a standout coach dialects and accents.