The birthday surprise of the sisters of Kourtney Kardashian

  • Kourtney Kardashian has met 41 years.
  • Her sisters would have prepared a surprise which has left us without words.

    Today, anything that comes from the Kardashian surprises us. The ‘klan’ has us accustomed to the eccentricities more ‘random’ that we can occur and, although they have starred in a lot of controversy in Hollywood, the sisters have also been the victims on occasion of holders of machismo. What is not in doubt is that their life-style has become a landmark in universal, which leads us to conceive as normal, the suit that Kim got to the last parade of haute couture, the holiday that Kylie rides him to her daughter, Stormi, or that have led to the confinement to the next level with the birthday surprise that you have done to Kourtney.

    And yes, most of the family met yesterday 41 years old and, although recently hinted that the coronavirus was a divine punishment, there was no global pandemic that left her unable to celebrate the day in style. Careful because it can serve as idea for when the measures in Spain are tender.

    The birthday surprise for Kourtney Kardashian in full quarantine

    The entire family agreed to go to the house of Kourtney in their cars (well, cochazos) to give you a surprise for your birthday: music at the top, balloons, megaphones, masks, churros foam… Everything that you can imagine! Always respect the safety distance, of course.

    There has also been time salseo in this celebration so original, and it is that Tristan Thompson (father of the daughter Khloé and the protagonist of the scandal of the year in the ‘klan’) was also, and, although we are not surprised because we know that they are going through quarantine together, is a further step towards the official reconciliation of the couple.

    Don’t know if this surprise is very legal in Calabasas, taking into account the situation in the country because of the coronavirus, but the face of Kourtney at the door of your mansion doesn’t have a price. What we signed up the idea for when you are allowed in Spain?

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