the celebs say no to make-up in the quarantine


If something good is bringing about the confinement global because of the coronaviruses is that the celebs most powerful on the planet are today more active than ever in their profiles of the social networks and, therefore, do not stop to nourish our lives with new and exclusive content that does not come nothing wrong to not to fall into the dreaded boredom.

Some show us their hobbies and how to spend free time at home, others give us advice all-important to put our grain of sand and help stop the spread of the coronavirus, there are those who simply upload selfies in front of the mirror and all, repeat all, have been laid off the makeup and pose to cleansed face. In its 52 years, the actress Julia Roberts it has been one of the first to teach us via Instagram your face the natural, but there are many more.

In the same decade that the actress ‘Pretty Woman’ and with 54 years is the supermodel of the 90’s Cindy Crawford. One of the celebs that little or nothing needs to throw make-up to show a perfect face.

Jessica Alba, mother of large family and now also a housewife, which is more game is giving us in Instagram. Routines, sports, beauty rituals home and, yes, selfie in the foreground without all the makeup.

The model Ashley Graham, who became a mother for the first time a few months ago, teaches us daily and very natural how is your day-to-day lockdown at home and does it under two premises: ‘no makeup’ and ‘no filter’.

With your new culinary creation in hand, the actress Halle Berry poses without any makeup and with a bandana in the hair. She herself has admitted in full quarantine: “Who has the urge to comb her hair?”.

Julianne Moore passes the time at home watching classic movies, taking care of your garden, or doing online courses. For any of these pastimes, the actress waiver of the makeup and shows her fans how it looks like her face washed.

And one of the most striking of these buildings without makeup is the Victoria Beckham, not because she didn’t can afford, which, by the way, the brightness and luminosity of your skin are amazing, but because the designer is one of those celebs that takes care of the millimeter aesthetics and the image of each one of the publications that you upload to your profile of Instagram.