The challenges of Tik Tok to those who do not resist the figures


The actress Barbara de Regil and her daughter Sea are the focus of attention both positively and negatively since they joined the platform. In addition to being authors of their own content, the mexican became viral in the accounts of various users, including celebrities. Known for its tips on healthy living, the actress and influencer is the protagonist of the live video popular in quarantine to transmit daily exercise classes, which provoked ridicule among the famous. Such is the case of Aislinn and José Eduardo Derbez, who have made various videos in reaction to the classes of Barbara so comic, as the actress and singer Kika Edgar and figures of the mexican rock as Francisco Neighborhoods, The Cress, co-founder of the now-defunct band little Bottle of Sherry, who recently joined the platform.

Despite the fact that have spent several months of the iconic half-time of Super Bowl starring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, the followers of dance continue to undertake the challenge of the part of JLO, among them Barbara de Regil and humorist and actor Omar Chaparro, who showed that, in addition to acting and singing, he dances.

One of the challenges of the viral of the moment is known as Esperancita or Damn maidwhose video raises comments for and against, and the reactions of those who are recorded out of control creating even strokes. EFE