The coronavirus mark the change of image of celebrities


A month of confinement wreaks havoc on the hair either, the hair grows, the dye will wear out and lose their shine and, in the case of the knights the temptation to move away from the shaver is a call to relaxation. The time came to launch the change image.

That have due to think the model Kendall Jenner, the actor Will Smith, Hillary Duff, or the tennis player Rafa Nadal, some of the first to rush to change the “look”, though that gave the kick off was singer Monica, who decided to cut the bangs herself, despite the fact that her sister was advised against. The result, an image more aniñada, but equally attractive.

The model Kendall Jenner has decided to put an end to your brown hair for look hair blonde which gives an image completely unknown to the top, not given to radical changes, but so many hours off duty, without parade, ‘ cause you want something to change, even if it is the hair.

The same thing has because you think your partner Kaia Gerber that has taken advantage of the confinement to cut the hair herself, with an acceptable outcome, as evidenced by his photographs in the social networks, which also reveal that it has cleared your half-mane that makes it blonde.

More daring with the color have been the actress of “She wants me”, Hillary Duff, who has opted for dying her blond tresses blue or Jennifer Love Hewitt that has preferred to give a touch of pink to your hair.

To brush, and looked like his mother in “Save the soldier Ryan”, has been Tallulah, the youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, who has decided to get in the hands of her father, who has shaved almost zero with an electric razor.

The singer Pink has also taken the same decision and has been cut even more, his already scarce hair, although she warns, funny, that was a decision that took him the alcohol. “When I drink I always have great ideas,” he says in a video on his account of Instagram which shows the trasquilones that looks, but rather hidden behind a cap.

The tennis player Rafa Nadal, in addition to promote during the confinement, actions of solidarity, has decided to left knob and a moustache, a very different picture to which we are accustomed when it jumps to the tennis court.

The actor Will Smith is another one of the knights that has decided to abandon the razor for beards, with the passage of the weeks each time more long, and that transformed his image completely.

A variety of options to pass the time and to try your luck with the image changes.

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