The double of Angelina Jolie spread of coronavirus in a prison in Iran


Angelina Jolie it has had more of an imitator, being one of the most famous your double-style zombie, Sahar Tabar, who has returned to call the attention for its spread of coronavirus in a prison in Iran.

The double of Angelina Jolie spread of coronavirus in a prison in Iran

Double of Angelina Jolie spread of coronavirus

Sahar Tabar, who has undergone more than 50 cosmetic surgeries and use makeup to look like Angelina Jolie, is one of the plague’s most notable coronavirus in Iran.

According to the Human Rights lawyer, Payam Derafshan:

  • “Many women in this prison we have contacted to tell us that they fear for the coronavirus […] but we don’t know how many more of them are the same limbo in the country’s prisons, The medical staff of many of these prisons has been sick, but there are too many legal obstacles”.

The double of Angelina Jolie is hospitalized in Sina Hospital of Tehran in a serious state of health due to the spread of coronavirus, which is connected to a ventilator and monitored by police officers.

Who is the double of Angelina Jolie?

The double of Angelina Jolie rose to fame by undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries to look like the actress, but instead became a version zombie of her.

The fame which reached the imitator of Angelina Jolie was due to the impact that caused the see her look haggard, and sometimes described as “anorexic”, even though the same Sahar Tabar admitted using makeup to achieve the look of a zombie, and so be popular.

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Now, she was sent to a prison in Iran for “blasphemy”, “corruption” and incite young people to “go crazy” with their publications of Instagram, one of the few social networks that are allowed in the country, although with a lot of censorship in its use.

For the moment, have not revealed more details about his state of health after the spread of coronavirus in the prison in Iran where she was locked.