The dress of Kate Middleton that are also used Jennifer Aniston

Kate Middleton it has been known for being a fashion icon who love with stylish outfits for every occasion. The duchess of Cambridge always wakes up compliments and captures the looks for each event that they attended for their insightful and exclusive outfits.

However, the wife of prince William has in his closet a exceptional dress, that many have fell in love before it, including the actress Jennifer Aniston.

What is the dress that Jennifer Aniston and Kate Middleton share?

It is the exquisite model “Falconetti” the popular house design The Vampire”s Wife. The spectacular evening dress is one of the most representative of the firm and has enchanted royals and celebrities that have purchased the expensive clothing in order to conquer in different occasions.

According to the web site of the firm, the garment with a shiny finish is made with chiffon of silk, metallic iridescent with ruffles on the hems, sleeves, transparent, and a cut at the waist in addition to style to anyone who wears it.

Middleton used it for the first time at the beginning of March during a tour of Ireland and took him in a tone emerald green. Despite the fact that I was not imposing a trend, the decision was applauded as one of its most sophisticated bettings.

Similarly, for the visit, the daughter-in-law of Prince Charles chose some heels Manolo Blahnik, a clutch gold Wilbur & Gussie, and huge and affordable earrings from H&M;, he asserted Daily Mail.

Despite the remarkable combination of the duchess, the coveted dress stole first the heart of Aniston, who wore in 2018 in black to attend an interview at the show Jimmy Kimmel.

Jenn without a doubt pissed away class with the simple look where the “Falconetti” was the big star.

In the same way, Elisabeth Moss, Charlotte Riley, Kylie Minogue, Alexa Chung, Chloë Moretz, Sam Taylor-Johnson, and Leighton Meester have opted for the most flattering garment in several shades and have become a must-have among the famous.


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