The former Offset reveals that Cardi B threatened to give him a beating


Too much time had passed without any media frenzy with the pair of Cardi B and Offset, isn’t it? Well, that has been terminated because Shya L’amour, former rapper and the mother of his child, has stated recently in public that he has received threats on the part of the ‘Invasion of Privacy’.

The problems of Shya with both do not start now, and that’s when the couple was pregnant, the former of Offset used social networks to expose some messages of Migos allowed to see his desire to sleep with her. That was apparently buried without that we know what was the reaction of Cardi with your man, but the problems are back.

Recently, L’amour has released a video in your account Instagram in the that points directly to Cardi by have threatened herwhen she -according to your version – just trying to explain to the singer the behavior that had her husband. So he spoke of the topic about it:

Do you believe that I have not tried to talk with this woman in private? I went to her privately and respectfully, and she came so disrespectful saying that I was going to apalearme. It’s the second time you threatened me! We ended up trying to save those that they care a shit, and on top they are disrespectful and stupid… It’s like talking to a fucking wall, that people are very slow. Women should be united, knowing the shit that get the men.

How they will respond to Offset or Cardi B to these statements? What created this conflict in the couple? Be that as it may, what is clear is that the relationship between the two artists is far from being something calm and current, so that we will be attentive to everything that can happen then.

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