The routine of weekly training of the former bodyguard of Kendall Jenner


When we talk about make a workout routine weekly especially now, it all depends on commitment, organization, and motivation. If you are running short of gas, it may help to look at Simon Newtona man with a dedication almost unlimited.

After starting his career in the army, the side fitness Newton has been structured around a strict routine on your sports calendar weekly, protect and care for other people.

Perhaps most known as the a former bodyguard of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid or Michael Jacksonthere is no doubt that Newton is the last person that we would like to be fighting each other.

You may wonder if you live a life like that of Kevin Costner in The bodyguard (or, perhaps, as Richard Madden in Bodyguard), so that GQ has spoken with Newton about their sports calendar weekly, the importance of physical health as well as, equally crucial, the mental.

Routine of weekly training: Monday

Monday is day of chest. All pañanas, Monday to Friday, I start the sporting calendar with 30 minutes of cardio, always before breakfast.

The physical health is very important. Not only do you have to be fit enough to look good, but also you have to be able to protect another person.

There are times in the life of a bodyguard that have a good physical level of truth is worth the effort. Nor pass anything if your nutrition is not perfect. You just need to eat well enough to not put kilos on top.

Routine weekly training: Tuesday

Tuesday touch arms. I have always lifted weights: I started before I joined the army, but I didn’t start eating well until after. I was 36 years old when I followed a diet plan of truth for the first time. Until then, just trying to eat more or less healthy and training a lot.

When I was young, I was a little fatter than I wanted to go to the army. That was my motivation to enter the world of the fitness.

Routine weekly training:Wednesdays

Wednesday there is back.

Lately not traveled much because I have my own security company (Askari Secure) with central in London, so I spend much of my time there.

When I used to travel more, I always made a point of drink a lot of water and I walked away from sugar and carbohydrates to the extent possible. You can always find bottled water and something reasonable to eat when traveling if you really want to do it.

You can find a good source of protein in different foods without use supplements if you want to. That said, yes I take protein powder, because I find it much quicker to take a shake when I need to eat solid.

Workout routine weekly: Thursday

Thursday is day leg.

The sleep is a luxury when you are a bodyguardso you have to get used to dealing with little. When I work, I always try to find time to train, and that tends to end up in even less time of sleep.

A bodyguard has to be awake before that its protected and you can not go to sleep until he has done so. It is not uncommon to have a working day of 16 or 18 hoursespecially if there is also a nightly event.

With regard to the costumes, I love Tom Ford. Although they can be somewhat expensive, I think it is worth every penny.

All my suits are tailored to that fit me well, there is nothing worse that a suit that does not fit properly. Normally, in the jacket I adjust the waist and I get a little sleeve to teach a couple of inches of the cuffs of the shirt.

The vest also I’m waist. When you are a great uncle, does it cost that fits you well and the vestbut will you get if you have a good tailor. The pants I go up to the court to stay in the third hole of the laces of the shoes.

Always choose straight leg if possible. However, sometimes that can cause a problem, especially in the upper part of the legs.

Routine weekly training: Friday

The Friday I do shoulders. At night I do an hour of cardio.

The gym is my favorite place to disconnect. If it weren’t for the gym and my love for travel, it would cost me to do so.

The mental health it is a state of mind. Unfortunately, sometimes, the bodyguards can be found in particularly stressful situations. You can witness and be involved in life-changing moments and, sometimes, the bodyguard does not have the luck of returning home.

With this in mind, to understand the strength of your mental health it is important, and it is much better to talk about or seek help if you think you need. Unfortunately, too many people who suffer from mental health problems because of their work, not resolve it and simply expect it to go away.

Routine weekly training: Saturday

The Saturdays I train all the body and I do an hour of cardio.

I am not a teetotaller. Anyway, when I’m doing diet to get in shape for the summer yes I keep away from alcohol in general. If on a special occasion I’ll drink a cup when I’m not on a diet, I always take a vodka with lime and soda. Seems to Me the least bad.

Routine weekly training: Sunday

On Sundays I just do an hour of cardio. What days you free? I’ve heard of them. I don’t have days of rest as such in my sports calendar, but yes I have days in which I do less than others.

My security company brings me the greatest part of my time, but I’m also an actor. Mainly film. Outside of my business, this year I have two films and a series of photo shoots and magazine articles, mens fashion, life style, health and fitness.

Basically I work seven days a week, but I love what I do, so it never gives me the feeling of working. Basically, I do what I want when I want on a daily basis.

*This article was originally published in the british edition of GQ.

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