The secrets fitness of Mau and Ricky


Since its a double nomination for the Latin Grammy in 2017 to Song of the Year and Best New Artist, the brothers Mau and Ricky have skyrocketed his career and now are two of the singers latinos are more recognized. Fans of fitness, we have taken advantage of the launch of your new theme I love for that we have your workouts and diet to follow.

“Less a day, we try to go all week to the gym. We liked the sport since always, but in fitness we have been like two years and our body, is truth, which asks us to exercise more and more each day. We felt much better, form part of our free time as a hobby and we could not do without it” match.

High-intensity workouts and definition

Have tried other disciplines such as CrossFit and thanks to his coach mexican Jose Valverde have become the sport and the music in its style of life: “we’re learning a lot from it, it is very hard, and since we all, in how we train, how we eat and how we sleep”.

But… how are your workouts? “I really enjoy those that require a lot of intensity, type circuits to give peaks at the heart; that there is work fitness, but also as cardio climb the rope or do burpees. I am a big fan of to see fast results, ” says Mau-. My brother, on the other hand, is more thin I, focuses far more on grow muscularly, and I in secarme a little more in the way of fat. Yes agree look up the definition at the end of the process.”

On their strong and weak points, Mau reveals: “What does it cost me to are the abdominals, and that I do a lot of cardio in the concerts. And the leg exercises also cost me. But yes, with the theme of the six pack he had a regular… (laughs).” Ricky smiled: “Make a leg to me nor do I like it, but I know that it is necessary. I run is my weak point, perhaps”.

In terms of pull-ups, without a doubt one of the fundamental exercises to calibrate the force, they are a staple in your routine and are often done in circuit, combined with shoulders or jumping rope, for example: “About 40 chin-ups spread over 4 series and always combined with other exercises in circuit”.

Despite your agenda so tight, try to rest a minimum of 7 hours, while on tour don’t sleep more than 5. “Well, Ricky has a new dog, so I don’t think that now sleep or 3 hours,” jokes Mau.

Diet healthy and cheat meal

The power, another key point, they are sorted and eat ‘healthy’. “We measure the amounts and our coach tells us every day what we should eat,” says Ricky. As a source of energy, a high degree of the good fats above carbohydrates and are fans of avocados and coconut oil: “The avocado puts fun to the food (laughs).” For breakfast, for example, take 5 egg whites, an egg is complete, 250 grams of baked potato or brown rice-half cup Mau and Ricky a cup sole, and almost always avocado, about 50 grams. In addition, coffee and a protein shake three hours. Lunch, snack another smoothie in the afternoon and dinner.

Take shakes twice a day and “we feel that what we eat is all pretty rich.” The most complicated part are the hours and travel. “Walk up and down with tupperware containers of food is a little roll, so we threw a lot of sticks of proteins as natural as possible for cases of emergency,” says Ricky. “Say also unto thee, that between going hungry and eating something less healthy, we chose the second.”

Don’t take anything of lactose, or try to, if anything for the cheat meal. “My food trap ideal would be a burger with pizza inside,” says Mau. “And only a cheat meal, not a cheat day, sometimes we go hand -he confesses-. Who is a big fan of the cheat day is our friend Balvin and we try to do it with him when we see each other”.

Before the fitness room, practicing a sport since they were children, but don’t worry too much about the nutrition. “I kid was pretty chubby -recognizes Mau-. I went to Burger King and then eat lunch at home as well (laughs). Now that’s why we enjoy so much of how we feel good, and more with a life so hectic. Doing sport and eating well you can with everything”.

In the musical section, Mau and Ricky they are one of the artists most powerful of the Latin market, since its success My bad and Unknown snapped into two lists of half the world (accumulate to more than 700 million views on YouTube and both certified x Platinum in 10 markets including Spain) have continued to reap successes not only from the artistic plane, but as composers of countless hits for other artists: Without Pajamas Becky G, 123 Sofia Reyes, Hard and Soft Leslie Grace or No Longer Has A Boyfriend Sebastian Yatra coming to place simultaneously up to 7 songs of his authorship in the Latin Billboard Chart . Are the duo’s most requested industry Latin in order to compose new repertoire in addition to a proven guarantee of success. Just collaborate with Thalia in the first single of the new album of the mexican.

With its colossal base of digital hearing, Mau and Ricky are finalists for the BILLBOARD Awards 2020 in the category Latin Pop Album of the Year for his latest album: For Adventures and Curiosities. The album has received more than a billion plays on Spotify, reaching the position n° 3 in the list of albums of Latin pop Billboard chart and has been on the charts for 39 weeks in a row.

Since its release just three years ago, Mau and Ricky have already created multiple hits worldwide, consolidating its position as one of the artists most complete at the international level, and which this year has generated for them ever to be nominated to Premios Juventud, Premio Lo nuestro, the Latin American Music Awards, MTV Miaw, MTV EMA, and Latin GRAMMYS, among others.