The story of Salma Hayek and Luis Miguel


With the birthday of The Sun around the corner, we remember the great friendship he has with the mexican actress

The story of Salma Hayek and Luis Miguel

Salma Hayek.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for InStyle

Salma Hayek and Luis Miguel they are two of the big stars that Mexico saw them grow, and they are now recognized at the international level. And is that both have managed to make a solid career that brings crazy to a million. And while it not seems, what is certain is that between them there was a good friendship that, with time, distanced himself. Here we tell you how veracruzana remember him with affection.

With the 50th birthday of The Sun next, they all have the eyes on Salma, who in previous years has sent a greeting to his dear friend. Even on one occasion he asked for help to locate his friend.

It happened a year ago, when Luis Miguel met 49 years, the mexican shared a picture where it reads: “I Bring this lost friend. If anyone sees or speaks with the tell him to send me his new number.”

And is that at some point in the history of the artistic medium, Luis Miguel & Salma went together to a delivery of prizes Oscar. The year was 1997 and the famous actress still had a long road ahead.

Although many of the related romantically, she was the one who said that they were just good friends. What is certain is that the relationship between them dates back to his adolescence and as is the singer probably did not care to keep in touch.

Now with the arrival of the 50 years of Luis Miguel expect that the mexican again give signals that it wants to see (but that you already saw) to his dear old friend.