The Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn is the favorite character of James Gunn


It seems that Harley Quinn is not only is the costume a favorite for Halloween or one of the models most copied by users of the social networks. It is also the favorite character of the director of The Suicide SquadJames Gunn, who has recently confessed that he loves her. Could it be a hint that we’ll see the arlequina leading the group of controversial anti-heroes?

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In Suicide Squad – 25% knew of the story of toxic love and crime behind Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). It instantly became one of the most redeemable of the disastrous movie by David Ayer. With all and that many fans disliked the representation too romantic as the Joker, the character of his hilarious companion, yes that was the palms of the public. It was inevitable that a film solo for the villain to arrive, however, Birds of prey and the fantabulosa emancipation of a Harley Quinn – 75% not turned out to be the success that Warner Bros. augered.

The movie of Cathy Yan went almost unnoticed, and their profits at the box-office resulted in a February quite gray for the studio that has brought you such hits as Aquaman – 73%. The Suicide Squad it seems the perfect opportunity for Harley Quinn reconquiste the hearts of the fans of the Universe Paving of DC, something that undoubtedly will only be achieved thanks to James Gunn. During a session of questions and answers on Instagram, the director revealed that if you have to choose between Joker and his partner criminal, no doubt is left with the ex-psychiatrist. The man behind Guardians of the Galaxy – 91% admitted that has been one of the characters he has most enjoyed writing because his story and personality were already well defined in the comics (via Comic Book Movie):

Oh, I love the Joker, but Harley is one of my favorite characters that I’ve written. In fact, she is probably my comic book character favorite, whose personality was well-defined before the write to the screen. It is a companion to amazing to write their actions and dialogue crazy. What I have already said that I LOVE you?

By what has been revealed thanks to the images of the recordings The Suicide Squadthe appearance of Harley Quinn in the film of Gunn will be quite similar to its classic look with the the world met in the animated series of Batman. The filmmaker also stated previously that was based on the production of the 90 to define how you would see the arlequina on your next adventure. Without a doubt, this has really excited the fans of the character, given that, of all the outfits and styles of this crazed criminal, most feel a lot of nostalgia for that outfit rojinegro.

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There is still more than a year for that The Suicide Squad come to the cinemas around the world. Hollywood has been paralyzed recently due to the threat of COVID-19. Fortunately, James Gunn I already had fully list the production stage of his next film, so now is dedicated to work from home on the post. According to him, there is a huge possibility that a first preview of the movie comes before the end of 2020.

In past statements, Margot Robbie revealed that The Suicide Squad it will be a movie too funny. And given the confession recent Gunnwe can expect that Harley Quinn has great and hilarious moments on the big screen, full of their usual “actions and dialogues crazy”. No doubt that someone who has jumped out of the Movie Universe of Marvel to DC Comics to say their favorite character is this criminal without remedy, it speaks quite well of what you’ll see in an improved version of the adventures of the Suicide Squad.

By the time you have to do is wait James Gunn get the world to re-fall in love with Harley Quinn and enjoy a fun movie for the 6 of August of the next year.

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