The tape lively Soul has been delayed by a coronavirus



The effects of the COVID-19 are still present in the film industry. A couple of weeks ago, Disney announced a new schedule of premieres for several of his films, now it has been revealed that the long-awaited tape animated Soul and Stripe and the Last Dragon, have been delayed.

Originally, Soul I was going to get to the cinemas in June of this year, however, its premiere has been postponed until 20 November 2020, taking the place of Stripe and the Last Dragon, which now see the light of day until march 12, 2021.

Soul explores the concept of what makes it worth living, and reflects on profound existential questions within their first progress. Stripe and the Last Dragonfrom the screenwriter of Crazy Rich Asian Adele Lim, is a fairy tale of southeast asia on the importance of the community.

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Via: Polygon

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