They are the stars of TikTok


The platform of short videos has created their own celebrities. To be enough to know something of dance, have charisma, originality and a nice smile. So, they have conquered millions of people that are watching all your steps. In addition, if a song becomes popular on the platform, surely they were the first to use it. These ‘tiktokers’ have become media stars with the ability to make their own music, be a model or even collect 73 thousand dollars for a partnership in advertising.


She is the double of Kylie Jenner, but was born in Ontario, Canada. He now lives in Los Angeles. Is 20 years old. Kristen has a presence on all the social networks: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and up to Onlyfans, the social network of erotic content of pay. Their videos lip sync, tell jokes, and dozens of changes of color of hair have become very famous in the app. Now, Hancher is a member of the team of Jake Paul and lives in the mansion in Los Angeles filled with stars of the social networks.

Yilda Banchón

Yilda Banchón reaching fame with Tik Tok

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Ariel Rebecca Martin is 19 years old, and has slowly driven his career to singing and acting. Baby Ariel has the appearance of a pop icon. In 2018, the Time magazine called it one of the most influential people on the Internet, and has nearly 32 million followers on TikTok and nearly 10 million on Instagram. There is No doubt that Baby Ariel has taken charge of our social networks, but its starring role in the Disney Channel movie, Zombies 2, demonstrates that is also making major moves in the world of television. She also sings the main theme of this story. The story of his name is a play with their friends. So he told the specialist portal Just Jared. “In reality, it was very random. One day I was sitting with my friends and download the app We were all doing our user names, a friend put something of queen or dancer. But I asked him to put a baby alone for a day. Without intention of anything. And one day appeared in my video and stuck with me. I was going to change it. At the beginning I hated it. But then it stuck. And then I thought, okay, I have to go”.


Riyaz Afreen only 15 years and has positioned itself as an actor and star thanks to his viral videos. Often invited to the influencers of TikTok most popular of India. Lives in Bombay along with his sister, Riza, also recognized in the social network.


The filmmaker Zach King it is well-known for their ingenious magic tricks. It is one of the influential most prominent of the social networks. Account with a social reach a combined 70 million followers between TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. The magazine Esquire Middle East called recently and the best showman of digital entertainment. Zach has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, Adweek, and People, and his company, King Studio, has partnered with brands such as Walt Disney Pictures, Justin Bieber, Nike, Coca-Cola and Crayola, among many others. In addition to producing short films and branded content, King Studio has been a pioneer in the technology of storytelling through the series of books My Magical Life. Published by Harper Collins, the trilogy presents Augmented Reality technology, creating an experience of interactive story to her fans. Was released on Vine, the network of short videos on Twitter 10 years ago.

tiktok mansion house

TikTok: this is the mansion in Los Angeles that share celebrities of that network

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Loren Gray is an american girl of 18 years who has always had attitude to the music. He was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and from the age of 15 he showed his singing talent on the Internet. So, since I was in the sixth grade he began to win many followers in a, the ancient name of TikTok. He had his own program of Snapchat, called Glow Up , which became very popular in the messaging network. Also, he earned nominations at the Teen Choice Awards and received an award at the People’s Choice Awards, for their music and style. Queen and Can’t do it , are some of his simple. His fame has moved beyond the network of TikTok by what has been cover of Teen Vogue and was the invited guest in the last clip Taylor Swift, Man.


Charli D’amelio is already one of the most frequent searches in Google. She is a 15 year old girl,is about to turn 16 years old (born on may 1, 2004), and is the current queen of TikTok, being the person with most followers of the platform. He was born in Norwalk, Connecticut. Is a dancer and it owes its fame to a video that became viral in a matter of minutes a year ago. Or she herself thought so when the fans began to multiply, or why he said in the program Jimmy Fallon, who was a guest a few weeks ago. But this has not been their unique approach with this pillow. She is a professional dancer that is why he has acted for the Jonas Brothers, Bebe Rexha, and even accompanied Jennifer Lopez in the Super Bowl.