This is the helmet functional Iron Man 2 that every fan will want to and no one will be able to get


Fans of Iron Man have gone mad after being published on Twitter a video where you see the model of the helmet that he wore as Tony Stark in Iron Man 2 with a number of features that makes it a piece of memorabilia only.

This helmet of the armor, Mark 5 that had the character of Robert Downey Jr. in the film of 2010 is able to be opened with moving parts that are equal to the ones we see in the multiple constructions of this genius of design arms.

We don’t know who you have to kill to get one of these, but it is quite clear that more than one what would take place until the end of your days if you got done with it.

There are hundreds of replicas of the many helmets that Iron Man has worn throughout the UCM, during its passage from the comic books, and during his long life as a hero. Ranging from the crappy representations of cardboard or plastic to real armatostes metal with moving parts and motion sensors to interact with its different functions.

Soon we will be able to put ourselves in the skin of Iron Man if we have access to a PS4 and a PlayStation VR, as Iron Man VR was delayed recently but we hope to see it in stores before the end of the year. In this game we will be able to enfundarnos the full suit and fly over the skies by emulating this member of the avengers original.