This one goes for more! Nicki Minaj announced a project unexpected



At the end of the year 2019, Nicki Minaj she was part of one of the most played songs in all the world, “Tusa”. But after she collaborated with Karol G, not re-entered the recording studios.

Recently, the singer intensely participated in a program of the podcast, where she showed her support with her former manager, Fendi. Also, she recalled the failure which had in the past.

Using an interview, Nicki Minaj recognized that it was Fendi who discovered it after her performance in the series “the Eat Up”, even though Lil Wayne took all the credit.

On the other hand, the manager explained that: “I felt that it had not received credits for all of her work,” to which the famous singer she replied that “she fought a lot” for it to grow in the world of music.

Despite all the differences they had, the singer of “Anaconda” chose the program of Big Fendi for announcing that it is working on her record label.

With this project, the artist of 37 years will seek to give opportunities to singers who have difficulties to find the road to triumph and for those who deserve it truly.

However, the successful singer she said that this project is not created before “because you don’t want to do it only for the money”, but now wants to continue with her passion for music from the talent search.