To the Marvel fans are surprised that it has taken so long to die the black widow of Scarlett Johansson in the MCU


By now, most Marvel fans have become accustomed to the idea that no one, except uncle Ben remains dead and Black Widow is a living proof of that. Died in Avengers: Endgame, and will return in a prequel that will come out in November. The big question is, what is “left” behind?

The Marvel fans were frustrated, first because it took him so long to make a movie of Black Widow, and then had to die before you can get a. However, what happens if your film solo is an even bigger hit than expected? What should Marvel to find some way to keep it in place, even if it is not necessarily with Scarlett Johansson?

The fanatics discussed the almost deaths of Black Widow

When you consider the Avengers original: Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk and Hawkeye, the Black Widow is possibly the most vulnerable of all. He doesn’t have superpowers or strength as most of the team, and even his arsenal of technological seems to be more limited than the amazing variety of bows and arrows from Hawkeye.

Fans on Reddit saw a compilation of the near death experiences of Black Widow and marveled at how she managed to stay alive with so many close calls and almost accidents.

“The grenade is in the truck in the Civil War is the only time that I went, do you expect really? for his character, “ said a fan.

Another responded: “At least your eardrums would have blown up completely. In reality, it would be quite funny if during the rest of the film, Nat only yells at all, since it can’t hear itself. “

One fan even mocked the shape of his eventual death in Endgame when he passed by a cliff and sacrificed himself so that Hawkeye could get the Stone of the Soul: “Surprised that you did not make a roll at the bottom of the cliff just out of habit. . ”

Finally, the fans concluded that the Black Widow had the superpower that it counts most when you are a hero: luck.

Why Marvel killed Black Widow?

Black widow in the Civil WarBlack widow in the Civil WarBlack widow | Marvel

Before the fans could see Avengers: Endgame, the majority of them did not believe that Black Widow will die, because they knew that he had an independent film to come.

After the fans saw Endgame, they said: “Well, I guess that your film is a prequel”. Your movie takes place some time between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War when Natasha tries to reconcile its past.

But why kill the Black Widow and make the fans wonder about this independent movie that had been demanding? Yes, Black Widow died and he returned to comics, through a bad past with the Red Room, but the comics play even more relaxed with the laws of life and death movies.

However, one of the strong points of Black Widow in the movies was that it was more realistic and realistic than his compatriots. The writers of Avengers Endgame reported that the death of Natasha gave his character an arc satisfactory: it started as just take care of herself and ended up giving his life for the common good.

In addition, some members of the team who worked on the film demanded that die, as they do not want to steal this moment of high drama.

What happens if the film Black Widow works really well?

The biggest motivator of all in Hollywood for everything to work is always the money. Take the franchise Alien, for example. Its main character, Ripley, and finally died in the third film, and yet, Sigourney Weaver returned as a strange hybrid human / alien in Alien Resurrection, a movie has been worked on by the type of the Avengers Joss Whedon.

Very few Marvel movies can be considered true financial fault-lines, and only four have earned less than $ 200 million at the box office domestic. So, what happens if a Black Widow comes out in November and it does really well? Do you return to new adventures with Natasha, or is it another character in the new Black Widow?

The co-star Florence Pugh has already put in doubt by the latest theory, saying that the film was not really a passing of the torch. So, what Johansson would be ready for another flashback of Black Widows? She told the Hollywood Reporter that his daughter will make sure that the Black Widow always has a presence.

“She knows that I am a superhero, or that I play a superhero, or that that is one of my work”, says Johansson. “I don’t know if she thinks it’s real or not, I’m not sure. She gets very excited when sees me in the box of Cheerios “.