Trends to wear straight jeans in spring


The straight jeans aspiring to become an essential wardrobe piece in the wardrobe. Want to establish themselves as one of the favorites of the insiders and if we refer to the catwalks of the fashion weeks of the past month of September, we can say that they are coming to be. The pants straight cut up the bet to have conquered it girls as Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin, and also have become an item unchallenged in the street style of the main fashion capitals.

Discover the models that will be this season and which is the most cool use this garment.

What color are the straight jeans in the spring?

Spring/summer collection 2020 House of Holland.

© Victor VIRGILE

Without a doubt, one of the shades foolproof-to-use straight jeans in spring 2020 is the celeste classic. The one that we built some years ago in our closet, and that we have not been able to separate us since then. Now, he returns with greater impetus from the hand of brands such as House of Holland, APC, and Gauchere. In the same way, Custo Barcelona and Bora Aksu have been tilted by a celeste ultralightBrandon Maxwell for a tone worn-out, while the straight jeans white they triumphed in the French company Celine, and in Koché.

What material are the straight jeans in the spring?

The French company Celine, bet by the denim in his collection spring/summer 2020.

© Victor Boyko

The denim or denim, a fabric of natural fibers of cotton, material is the star of the coming months. The French firm Celine it has been supported in the properties of this component would be to institute a myriad of models straight that evoke the decade of the seventies in just a moment, while the american designer Brandon Maxwell also been used to conform to the models worn in different shades.

What details are the straight jeans in the spring?

The jeans are waist-high in the spring/summer collection 2020 Zadig & Voltaire

© Estrop

The decorations and the details become protagonists in the new spring/summer collection of Zadig & Voltaire. Multiple buttons on the front, zips and front pockets accompany the straight jeans of the season. Although it has not been the only one, Helmut Lang has also opted for this trend, and in particular by the closures, visible extending across the leg.

The models Khaite, one of the favorite brands of Hailey Baldwin, take with fringes at the hem. The breaks in the area of the knees are already a hallmark of the designer Brandon Maxwell, while Blumarine has stepped up the bet by adding floral prints and a hem wavy.

How to wear straight jeans in spring?

The straight jeans style all silhouettes.

© Estrop

The straight jeans are the garment, ideal to stylize your legs and to conceal the central area of the body, the shape of body you have, this model of pants will provide you with a stylistically masterful. If you have hips prominent choose dark shades, high-rise or medium and without any kind of accessory or clamps in the area of the hips. Do you want to incorporate patterns? only if they are small.

However, if you characterize yourself by legs slender, opt for a jean effect washed or worn in the front area to provide a visual sensation of volume to your silhouette.

How to combine straight jeans in spring?

The straight jeans are the undisputed protagonists of the street style of Paris.

© Edward Berthelot

Why to stick only to the denim over denim when this piece allows us to create outfits distinctive? Pants straight inspire us to opt for a blazera shirt air sophisticated with details like a bow, polka dots or puff sleeves romantic, as in this example, to create a look impact. A mini bag and a belt of finite will be the perfect complement to not go unnoticed.

In terms of footwear, the straight jeans can be worn with mules or sandals in tones of sober, flashy or metallic, depending on your style. Another alternative may be the sandals braided of heel needle or flats that will help you to stylize it even more figure if you are petite.

What are the most common mistakes when using straight jeans in spring?

Caroline Daur in the fashion Week of Paris.

© Edward Berthelot

The most common errors when using straight jeans in spring are related to the white pants. If you’re going to decant for a garment of this hue, try to make the shot, medium, or high, adjust perfectly to the shape of your body, and that the straight cut is respected from the waist to the ankles to achieve stylize your legs. Except you are very high, we advise you to not decide for straight jeans to the hip since that will tend to unbalance your silhouette.