Video: Cat poking at it with ‘fish’ and fun to internet users | BIG FISH


Quickly viral made a video shared on Instagram, where the positive comments have not stopped since that was published

Quite funny was the video uploaded to Instagram in which a cat toys with a fish toy and captivates thousands of users with their positive comments that paint the chusco of the clip.

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The recording, which is shared by the user 9GAGshows the way as the feline tries to calm the jumps of the ‘fish’ by placing one of his paws on the toy. All his ‘boldness’ the exhibits while the cat is comfortably lying down.

The game of ‘pussycat’ did you laugh at the netizens, who wrote various comments related to the action of the pet and their apparent state of grace and comfort.

The original material was published in Instagram for the account @yayoi89, which follows the adventures and journeys of this and other kittens, and share them on your social network.

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