VRUTAL / The shocking and realistic message of Millie Bobby Brown, for the coronavirus. Stay at home

“I just saw on the news that people are still walking through the parks, at parties, on beaches, and I have to say several things: first, that it is inconsiderate; in the second place, that it is selfish. What are you doing?… we have been asked for a single thing, and there are still people not doing this.

How else are we going to be able to stop the pandemic of this virus? This is killing people and enfermándola so much that is really sad. And if what we ask is that we stay at home and do nothing, I will do that, and I think everyone else should, too.

We have to stay united. And we have to think of things to do at home. See a movie, any tv show, paint, draw any image, fill out a fish, cut the grass or go up and down the road from the entrance to the house. Please stay at home.”

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