What happened to Lizy Tagliani on the worst date of your life?


This Saturday night, Lizy Tagliani showed that can give a chair in the field of dating horrible. Willing to not shut up nothing, nor hesitate to join the slogan of the meeting Point of PH, we Can Talkwhich proposed to have amorous encounters failed. Faithful to his style, the driver of Telefe did it kill of laughter to the rest of the guests with his tremendous experience that he might jot down in a log lunges memorable.

What happened? Lizy told that he had met the man one night when I was going bowling. She was divine. “Re mounted, with taco needle, red mouth…”, he recalled. “I felt that it was Britney Spears” he said, with a touch of humorous. So, with the self-esteem by the clouds, gave the approach with this guy “spectacular” with the one who said that he felt that there was love at first sight and fascinations mutual, “a passion”.

The other day, the man sent a text messages to get back to look and her, happy, told him that the pass to search for his house. “‘I want a boyfriend, enamorarlo’” said Lizy Tagliani who thought at that time. With that idea in mind, we took a shower and wanted to spruce up “the natural”, without jumping to the closet on top as when they had met. “I got tail in hair, flip flops, zero makeup, all natural… , ” he said, between laughs.

But things do not go as she planned. Because the candidate, when he saw her, he had an attitude that still remembers. “I got off the elevator, the entrance of the building was glass; I saw him, we connected and he saw this girl and teen angelic that said, ‘hello love’”, recreated Lizy the scene. What did her Romeo? “I said, ‘I pull over and come from’but it is so complicated transit which didn’t get place… I never returned!”, finished, she, between laughing. He is the lost!