What happened to Rafael Rojas, the lead actor from Televisa who wowed in ‘Quinceanera’?

Mexico city.- Throughout his artistic career in Televisathe actor in costa rica, Rafael Rojashad the opportunity to work within different projects and with figures such as Thalia, Adela Noriega and Salma Hayek.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the histrión tico was consolidated as one of the men most sought-after of mexican television and, to date, he is remembered for his role in the melodrama Quinceanera.

Within the production directed by Carla Estrada in the year of 1987, the artist gave life to the character of ‘Gerardo Fernandez’ and shared credits with Thalia, Adela Noriega and Ernesto Laguardia.

In addition, in the curriculum of performance of the interpreter, there are soap operas as Teresa, Dance With Me, Clarisa, My Little Lonelinessamong other, but now, their reality is far from those years as a youngster.

Rafael Rojas was faced with multiple accusations by his former wife Milena Santana, who noted that this had problems of violence, was a violent person and that he was bisexual.

After years away from the spotlight, the native of San Jose, he resumed his career in the series The End the path of TVE and, just a few months, was the protagonist of the film Awakening the filmmaker’s Soley Bernal.

Part of these recent events, Red became a grandfather as his eldest daughter, Isla Rojas, gave birth to the small Celestial, and since that time, there has been little to know of the life of the actor.

Source: The Star


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