What has been pointed out also Irina Shayk to the phenomenon of the art boy?

Like the other cities of the world, New York lives these days, under the regime of confinement. A circumstance that has not prevented Irina Shayk be seen on the sidewalks of Manhattan in the company of Vito Schnabelthe well-known art dealer, the son of the painter and american film director Julian Schnabel, sparking a host of rumors. Beyond the possible violation of the estrangement of security this is the first time that Shayk is seen in public with a man after having separated out from the actor Bradley Cooper in June of 2019. Until here all correct, if it were not for the fame of playboy that precedes Schnabel, in whose history of romances stand out names such as Heidi Klum (who came out between 2014 and 2017), Demi Moore or the actress Amber Heard after his stormy divorce of Johnny Depp.

The friendship between Irina and Vito coming from behind, in fact both had had numerous citations double when they were still with their previous partners, according to ensure nearby sources, but there has been no confirmation, only speculation that even the romance is possible at the time of the coronavirus.

However, this news highlights the relevance of a new pattern of behavior sentimental among the famous: the known as art boy. And it is that, curiously, the new laws of attraction hollywood has been a shift. Cast aside rock star because here comes the art dealer, seem to scream the latest decisions loving that some actresses have taken. As already cited above, Schnabel has perfected this technique with a large cast. But it is not the only one.

Vito Schnabel strolling Couple’s next to the model Heidi Klum in October 2016

Vito Schnabel walking around Paris with model Heidi Klum in October 2016

“I’ve already been there, I’ve already done that, I did the t-shirt”, he stated with irony that the actress Zoë Saldana to Allure magazine in 2013 compared to the question of why I was sick of hanging out with other actors. A whole advanced in this matter as only a few months after she married the painter Marco Perego. At the same time also Drew Barrymore did the same with the consultant of art Will Kopelman, even though what yours did waters in 2016.

Journalist Rachel Dodes discussed this phenomenon last year in an article where achacaba the main causes that, unlike their colleagues in the profession, or any other mortal, “the merchants are men who possess both the qualities of modern life that you rarely can have both: time and money.” A dolce vita life seduces instantly.

Actress Sienna Miller with her fiancé, editor Lucas Zwirner.

Actress Sienna Miller with her fiancé, editor Lucas Zwirner.

Among the latest to join the list, highlight Sienna Miller, who after a year out with the editor Lucas Zwirner has just announced their commitment for the spring that is coming. Already passed by the altar in the past year were the singer Ellie Goulding with the director of Sotheby’s Caspar Jopling (in a ceremony officiated nothing less than that in the cathedral of York, and actress Jennifer Lawrence with Cooke Maroney, director of the art gallery Gladstone in New York and formerly head of the department of American Paintings at Christie s.

Jennifer Lawrence and her husband, Cooke Maroney.

Jennifer Lawrence and her husband, Cooke Maroney.

But as with everything in life, there is always someone who did it first, and if we talk about actresses, the pioneers, unarguably, we can not forget Meryl Streep. The interpreter most times nominated for the Oscar history has been married with the sculptor Don Gummer forty-two years. Needless to say, the new generation of Hollywood is still taking it (as in everything else) to a model of conduct.

Actress Meryl Streep strolling through the new york neighborhood of Tribeca with her husband, the sculptor Don Gummer

Actress Meryl Streep strolling through the new york neighborhood of Tribeca with her husband, the sculptor Don Gummer

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