What way to the Oscars? The twist in the career of Tom Holland in his new movie after ‘SpiderMan’: “An action epic”


Tom Holland has conquered all with his brilliant interpretation of Peter Parker in the different times he has incarnated to SpiderMan on the big screen. But, in addition to give life to the superhero of Marvel the actor is involved in many other projects.

So, one of the films that was able to complete filming before the downturn in current on the occasion of the coronavirus was ‘Cherry‘, where re-match with the brothers Russo.

This movie is a challenge for Holland who gives a twist to his career and embarks on a character very complex. The tape it is based on the autobiography of Nico Walker, a doctor, veteran of war in Iraq who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder not diagnosed which led him first to an addiction to drugs and later to rob banks.

In the middle of the quarantine, Joe Russo has spoken with ‘Comicbook‘where he explained how it goes in the process of the film“We have been editing it remotely with our editor. We are about to finish the assembly and begin with the music and sound to be ready in a few months. The question is, How is the market? When you open the cinema? There are many questions that must be answered before its release”.

But in addition, Joe has wanted to highlight the work of Tom Holland, stating: “I think that it is a performance worthy of an Oscar“.

“I think that is absolutely amazing. It offers a performance that is heartbreaking. What makes you emotionally and physically fantastic. We have not seen an actor in a role like this in a long time. The film covers a decade, complemented by an action epic that I hope is in the conversation for the Oscars,” describes the filmmaker’s interpretation of the british.

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