Who is Juanchi amy dunn, the argentine who was praised by Will Smith: “I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it… it seems to me that it was surprised”


Juanchi Amy Dunn works nearly a decade ago in the world of audiovisual, but this Sunday achieved what is certainly one of the most important days in his career: the young man made a video of Will Smith and the actor resposteó from your account of Instagram. In consequence, the work of the argentine was seen by more than a million users around the world.

“First I saw that Will put a ‘like’ on my video. But half an hour reposteó in their networks. Was told to Me by a friend and I couldn’t believe it. First, I took that quiet, but with each passing minute I fell, and I realized how important it was”, said the artist in an exclusive dialogue with Teleshowwithin hours of having achieved such a feat.

“I was speaking with people around him in the week, they were all telling me that the video was terrific, but no one confirmed to me that Will was going to see. In the afternoon I got a notification that he will put ‘I like’ and I I was in shock, did not understand. I got into the profile to see if there was an account of a fan club and then I realized it was him. At the beginning it didn’t fall and after half an hour I hear a friend compartiéndome posted it. I couldn’t believe it”.

“I drew a lot of attention that Will Smith turn up the video because he has his work computer and upload things from the people you trust. That has uploaded a video that made him an argentine is pretty crazybecause I feel that is going to be an impact big,” said amy dunn.

Of all the tributes he receives daily, Smith decided to repostear of Juanchi. For the argentine, that the Hollywood actor has had the chance to see all their characters in one was one of the secrets of success: “When I finished making gave me the feeling of wanting to see him back. My people more intimate, said to me that I could not stop seeing it. I guess for him to look and see all the characters stuffed into one revolving around what must have surprised a lot and you should have called the attention” said the young man.

Juanchi had tried by their own means getting the actor to see the video, but had not received a response: “I Know a photographer from Los Angeles who worked with him and I asked if I could get the video. My goal was to see him, nobody asking him to upload itonly you see, that makes it comebecause I know very well the way you communicate that Will have on Instagram, understands very well the platform, it adapts very well to the content that shows on that network,” said amy dunn.

Beyond their fanaticism by Will Smith, the choice of the actor is not made directly to the young, but submitted the decision to a survey among its followers. “In the stories of my account on Instagram had uploaded some actors and asked the people to vote with what I wanted to do my next video, and the people voted for Will Smith; the top had been he and Leo Di Caprio.. But a lot of people who voted told me to do it with him because Will is to upload content like mine, ” he said. “I wanted to do something related to what I do in my profession, but arreglándome with what I had since he could not get to produce it because the quarantine didn’t let me,” said Juanchi, who used the technique of hyperlapse for the video of the actor. “I had seen several videos of artists in the world, and one did something similar with different scenery of New York and then took photos from Google or the networks and she has managed to combine all the photos and made a hyperlapse using photos that were not of him. When I saw that I thought to do something similar but in people, so I started thinking about movies and series, and so I made the first video,” said the professional.

Previously, Juanchi had made a similar video, with 80 characters of the film industry: “The previous week he had made one of the characters of Hollywood and some of the argentine movies, and after finishing it I happened to do this with one actor in particular.”

That first video had a “very good impact,” says amy dunn, who says that “it was something that people were not accustomed to seeingthis it was something that surprised people, and be noticed much. The hyperlapse it is a technique that doesn’t get it because it is with scenes of films that have already been made. The concept of the technique is that it seems like a single person with different facesbecause in the end, the human figure is one and changing expressions. The effect that it generates is terrific”.

Juanchi performs similar content to the one used in the video of Will Smith. “The hyperlapse it is a technique that comes from the area of the photograph, was used to portray monuments and landscapes, and some years ago moved to the human figures, which is emphasized by the movement of a camera around a person or an object. It is an abstract art audiovisual. I did with my own camera, my pictures. What of Will was a technical emergency, not being able to use my own material and use the material that already exists. I was collecting things and I, that was a novel,” he said.

“It is a technique very artistic, and what I seek is the feeling of surprise” he pointed out. “In the Will one of the strategies that I had was to ask my followers to label in the comments of the video and I had 1300 comments by labeling it, a madness, I don’t usually have more than 100,” added Juanchi, excited by the result.

John amy dunn is 31 years old and is defined as “digital content creator”. In the world of audiovisual has been nearly a decade, after studying Industrial Design and received at the UBA, career that never exercised. “My parents have a furniture factory and my idea was to continue with the family business. In the middle of the race I realized that I did not like it, but I decided to finish it. I worked two months in the company but I could not stand more. I went back to the producer where it was before, and I asked to return to my job. The photography and the video made it a hobby and little by little I went professionalizing. I argue that when you will that your hobby makes you earn money as you find what makes you happythere is much more to think about,” he mused.

From his agency job, along with his partner, Clarita Out, carry out various campaigns for major brands. In addition, make coverage of social events, mass, as the Lollapalooza. But the quarantine has changed the perspective of the workplace. “One of our strong work are the festivals,” he said, and noted that they are now doing campaigns on social networks because the social isolation they cut several occupational projections. “Our field is in the limbo between the content generators and influencers, more of a visual artist”, he added.

But the video of Will Smith allowed to open other career fields. In a few hours, Juanchi received several proposals of work: “To the 5 minutes that Will uploaded the video, from a house of clothing from the united States told me that they had a raw material and they wanted him to make the video. In addition, I wrote to a film distributor in Munich that they liked the work done with Will and I was told to think about the possibility of working in movie trailers, because that technique is something novel for which consumes the film.”

Amy dunn is already putting together the next video, and is working on one with Lebron James -basket player of the NBA, where you are going to use the same technique and expect to have similar results: “As I work with Nike because I was told that they are going to try to get to him direct, if it comes to pass what Will and likes around what goes up”, he said.

Juanchi had planned a different future before the pandemic. On march 12, traveled to the united States, where he had been hired to cover two games of the Major League Soccer (MLS) -the League Over Football , but the cov changed his plans: “When I landed in Miami was declared a global pandemic, and when I was ten called the person who hired me to not to go, but I was already there. I was going to stay a month to do networking, but I stayed four days and I’m back.”

Now I plan to continue to grow professionally and continue his career outside the national territory: “My goal is to enlarge my exposure to the international level. In Argentina we work with brands that we like and are brand leaders, but it would be very nice to do the same for other countries.”