“Forced Me”: The blunt statements about Maluma that put him against the wall, What did he do?

While the whole world believes that Maluma it is one of the artists most respected and charismatic of the world of the show, Gretell Golden thinks the opposite.

Some statements of the model, about a fact that took place a couple of years ago, would leave a very bad standing colombian singer.

In an interview with Gabriel Caves, ‘Formula ‘ Spectacular’, a Golden she confessed that she had been the victim of the morocho and another colleague.

According to andrea Cuevas, the girl was with the Pipe Good and the artist of 26 years, after a concert of the latter, in Cancun.

It was then when the ex of Natalia Barulich took advantage of that Gretell was “last drinks” and he did have a meeting with him and his countryman.

“I didn’t want to, I was excited about Maluma and with Pipe. He forced me (…) I always said no,” said the model in their statements.

Although the information has not been confirmed, and the interpreter of ‘What a Shame’ it has not been pronounced in this regard, Caves and even dared to assert that the mother of the singer asked the young man to forget the topic. What are you afraid of?