12 essential apps to make the quarantine is bearable


(CNN) — Sure that you spend a lot more time on your phone currently, isn’t it? But maybe you’ve tired of Sudoku, your eyes fill with tears during those binges of Netflix and haven’t touched Candy Crush since you started to watch the game in your dreams.

It is not clear how long we will be detained as well. We’ll keep you busy with a group of new applications.

So controlling that tingling in your neck, put on your lenses of light blue and relax with these offers digital. Are instructive, entertaining, and pleasant to move around before taking your third nap of the day. Almost all are free to download, but offer shopping optional in the application, if you are willing.

To relax

Stop, Breathe & Think

This application of meditation, colored with cool blues and trainers cartoon eyes kind, is designed to relieve your mind in the moment you open it. Begin reviewing and evaluating your physical and emotional state. The application encodes those results and launches activities: breathing, guided meditations, brief or, sometimes, a compilation relaxing videos of cats, based on your self-assessment.

These activities are categorized by feelings such as compassion, grief, and equanimity, and are sufficiently short to keep your attention, but sufficiently substantial as to avoid the anxiety. Let that wash over you like a wave of calm.

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To play

Play with friends: Heads Up! in Houseparty

You can be familiar with Heads Up! (the game backed by Ellen DeGeneres which is like charades in reverse), and it is possible that you are familiar with Houseparty (the application of video that unites all your friends in one screen). Here is explained how to combine the two since we can’t be with friends in person.

First, download Houseparty. Click the dice in the upper right corner. Heads Up! it should appear in the column drop-down. I gather your friends and ready!

Only play: The Sims Mobile

Badipsa froopy noo (oh, that’s it Simlés, for the uninitiated!) The Sims are still as fun as you remember, perhaps now more than ever: manipulate the life of a virtual person that you can buy, dating, organizing parties, meeting ghosts, all that we cannot do at this time. Play The Sims during a pandemic is an exercise in illusions. Or you can trap your Sim in your house (I simply removed all doors!) And make it as crazy as you feel you.

To learn


Much has been made about the course of “Happiness”, Yale University, available for students who are not Yale now for free. Once you learn about the roots of joy, delves into the 2,000 classes available through the application of EdX.

Think of a topic, any topic; you probably have a class for that, provided by one of more than 100 universities. You will not get a title, but you’ll get bragging rights by continuing your education while you isolate.

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Regardless of what you think about the small pet owl green, this application for language learning is an engaging and colorful to be more intelligent.

It is structured as a game, as it has a large number of images, a fast pace and urges you on to go forward with rewards ultimately inconsequential but briefly exciting.

There are 35 languages to try, including a language dummy as a Klingon from “Star Trek” and “Valyrian for “Game of thrones”. Emerges from the isolation of a polyglot.

For cooking

Project Foodie: Kitchen guided

Amateur cooks of the world that want to expand their culinary horizons, Project Foodie listens to you and knows what you are capable of more. That is why that breaks down the recipes step-by-step in a video, led by professional chefs. And unlike their counterparts in TV, these chefs don’t skip a moment of preparation. In the end, you will be scalding, and cutting in julienne better than them.

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To socialize


The virtual equivalent of a meeting without output, Nextdoor connects you with neighbors who may have never met. It was fun and useful before the pandemic, but gone are the days when our only moans were whose dog left a mess in the hallway, or whose headlights are left switched on all night. Now, it is essential to know your neighbors who may need your help or can offer yours. At least, join the strange request to officiate a wedding of cats (just be careful with the wrong information, as in any social network, is also a problem in Nextdoor).

To train


He is a personal trainer pocket that it is all audio based, so you won’t need to pull out your phone to see what comes after that, just concentrate on the spoken instructions and your body. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry: the app, select which exercises will work best for you.


If you prefer to workouts guided by video, Pack offers much more than cycling. Look to the professionals to lead classes, strength training, yoga, boot camps and cooldowns. It is also free for 30 days.


The application tracks your runs and measure your progress, and if you do that, you can also earn rewards for the training equipment of real life!

To keep you healthy and informed

Application Covid-19 Apple

This single window collects everything you need to know about the coronavirus in a center well-packed and easy to navigate. You can customize the information you want by state and detect your symptoms if you suspect that you have infected. Is constantly updated with verifiable information as it is published.

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For goofy fun and escapist


Seriously, what you’re still not in TikTok?

If you missed the train with Vine, which already started, get on board with this video platform. If the dancers that sing in synchronizing their lips with the song are not for you, filter them, are not the only ones who use the application.

TikTok is a platform for comedians to flourish, healthy families, and activists sardónicos, and somehow, there is room for all of them. Cardi B, Reese Witherspoon, and the World Health Organization have also found a home in the application. So browsing. Laugh. Learn about the global health crisis. Repeat.