3 famous artists who ignored him publicly


Justin Bieber knows how to sell records, lead holders and lead pop music to new directions. Clearly has many admirers. However, any popular musician has a good amount of criticism.

In fact, some of the critics of Bieber are his fellow celebrities. Some famous musicians seem to feel repulsion towards Bieber and / or his music. The fan base of Bieber has not stopped these celebrities call publicly to the Biebs.

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The presence of Eminem on this list should not be surprising to his fans. In his music, Eminem has upset everyone from Lana Del Rey to Moby and Mariah Carey. Bieber was an easy target during certain points of his career, and Eminem jumped on that bandwagon.

In 2018, Eminem released the song “Kick Off”. In it, he envisioned Bieber selling drugs in the catholic school and said he did not deserve the attention of anyone. “Justin Bieber in a catholic school / to Sell powder and refrigerate when you’re with her back to him / do Not adjust your speaker”. However, Eminem seemed not only annoying with Bieber, as they seemed to dislike Christina Aguilera on the same track.

“Kick-Off” of Eminem

Later, Bieber criticized Eminem. The rapper released an album called Kamikaze which includes many criticisms of the hip-hop modern. After listening to the album, Bieber came to the conclusion that Eminem simply didn’t understand the rap contemporary. Although Eminem is known as a brand of fire, simply laughed at the statement of Bieber. Way to take the high road.

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is not someone to mince words. Their lyrics include a lot of sex, violence and profanity. Not lost for words when Bieber so pissed.

Marilyn Manson insulted Justin Bieber for appearing to be a girl, despite dressing like a woman.

Bieber once wore a shirt with Manson and said Manson’s “I made You relevant again.” Manson was not very happy. Insulted Bieber several times after, once by saying that Bieber had “the mind of a squirrel.”

Manson also said that he thought Bieber was a girl when he first met him. In addition, Manson said no he would fight with Bieber because it’s not “you like to fight with girls”. This insult is quite interesting, since Manson is dressed very andróginamente in the 1990s. He even used women’s clothing and long hair in the video of their song “Long Hard Road Out of Hell”.

Drake Bell

The career of Drake Bell, is similar to that of Bieber in some aspects. Both artists began with young fans. In addition, they both arrived to the music by unorthodox means. The musical career of Bell began thanks to his hit show on Nickelodeon Drake & Josh, while the career of Bieber started on YouTube.

“I found a way” by Drake Bell

That does not mean that Bell was like Bieber as a person or as an artist. When Bell heard that Bieber had allegedly thrown someone’s home, Bell had some words for the Biebs. He encouraged Bieber to focus more on their musicality. “@Justinbieber instead of exalt at full speed around your neighborhood and defacing property like a little s – t you should practice your guitar!”

Bell also insulted the art of graffiti Bieber. Bell said that Bieber was almost as bad at drawing as he is making music. These insults only cemented the image of the Bell as someone particularly combative and controversial in the social networks.

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