4 errors make up which you are committing

Matter the order of how you apply it
In the world of makeup, the order of the factors almost always do alter the product, because it is not for nothing that there is an order to apply, as it would not make sense that you first use the blush and after the base, right? So when you’re creating a look be sure to follow the appropriate steps. Start working on the eyes, then follow with the preparation of the skin: first, foundation, cream products and then seal with a powder, still with the highlightthe blush and the final touch of the lips.

It turns out that everything has a reason. Start with the eyes allows you to correct easily if it stains your skin with the shadows. The base is applied first, so that you can see your skin sufficiently unified without the need of concealer. Finally the illuminator after the powder, because at that point you already have idea of the finished the skin, and you’ll know exactly where you want more light.

Application of shadows
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