5 dishes that celebrities love

5 dishes that celebrities love

Katy Perry.

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The celebrities can be the whims who wish toand , in what related to the meal you can ask for whatever that comes to mind. However, some celebrities prefer to keep it simple and have in their menu favorite dishes delicious meals very easy to replicate. Here we leave some.

1. Mushrooms

The singer Katy Perry he loves mushrooms, mushrooms, truffles and everything that has to do with this type of dishes. Not only because they are healthy, they are also considered delicious.

How do you prepare them? A good way to eat mushrooms is with garlic and jalapeño, preparing them is easy, you must sliced up and in a frying pan add a little olive oil with a few minced garlic cloves and the jalapeño is finely chopped. Add the mushrooms and stir very well. Add salt and pepper. Cook for 5 or 7 minutes. Finally enjoy with cilantro and lemon.

2. Wine and cheese

The food Hugh Jackaman loves to eat in your house is something as simple as wine and cheese. The actor enjoys pairing combinations of this classic.

How do you prepare? The pairing of wine with cheese is something that many enjoy, and if you are not an expert in the subject I recommend you enjoy a Brie cheese with a white wine lightor a roquefort cheese with a sweet wine.

3. Burgers

It might seem incredible but the model Gigi Hadid we love the burgers. And is that this dish can be prepared in different ways so that you can enjoy different varieties.

How do you prepare it? The burger can be prepared even for vegans, you can make the meat substitute by combining spinach, rice, potatoes, and chick peas, all boiled, pounded and and sauté. Subsequently it cooks like a regular burger, and substituted other ingredients.

4. Mashed potato

David Beckham recognized in their social networks, and in an interview at the 2015 land love the mashed potato. This simple dish that can also have many variacines.

How do you prepare it? It is very easy, you must boil the potatoes until tender, then mix with salt, butter and milk until they are soft. Many added ingredients to make the pure more spongy.

5. Nachos

Amy Adams he confessed to the middle People that is his favorite dish. In addition to delicious is located in any side.

How is it done? You just need tortilla chips and add some ingredients like chili, jalapenos, cheese, vegetables,… lthe possibilities are limited to your palate. This is why it is the favorite of thousands.

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