7 scenes of Friends that you can’t stop to do in the confinement

At home we do not stop repeating certain actions that perhaps are familiar to us. Because they are scenes of Friends that you go back and re-do in the confinement.

The characters of the series have been done before and we tell you which are.

Clean and clean

Days ago to clean everything without stopping and there is no more washing up. A story that is repeated a few times in the series.

You walk into the kitchen and you can’t stop

In the same way that it was Jennifer Aniston when he went into the kitchen, we entered it and we believe the best of the chefs, because we don’t do another thing, and tomorrow idearemos a cake something different. Let at home begin to be fed up with.

Salts to clap every day at 20h

In various scenes where you see the friends of the series clapping all together, you do the same thing every day at 20h and is for those who deserve, the health that watch over all of us and the round of applause is extended to other groups who also work during these days you are risking your life.

Eat, and eat

We clean, we cook and we eat. In this more than a month that we are confined we have done many things, but almost everything boils down to these three actions. And we eat so much that we do in the kitchen, in the room and later on the couch while we watch television.

We have discovered that not all sports are feasible in house

With the desire to make exercise see you at the top and take the ball básket for the living room. But in the same way that friends of Friends we realize that we can not move this sport to the living room, best leave it for if that for after the confinement.

Just want that you touch your pet

We have come to a point so extreme that only allows you to touch your pet. It reminds us of some scenes from Friends where just was well with the pet.

Your skin is mutating

So many days locked up, and both wash the hands with soap and water, (which is absolutely necessary and required) is doing to our skin since it is not the same. Redness, itching, scales, and a face as white as the wall because it does not give us the sun.

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