Actors from Drake & Josh, 16 years after


The stars of the program Drake & Josh, Drake Bell and Josh Pack began their career acting from a young age, never imagining that would be part of the series of comedy that would lead to the global recognition.

Both played to half-brothers with very different personalities in the series of Nickelodeon. Hardly had an agreement and ended up finding himself in the weirdest situations together with their family, their adorable but naughty sister Megan and co work and school.


The series lasted 4 seasons from its premiere in January 2004. Today, it’s been 16 years since you went on the air.

What have we done to the stars of Drake & Josh’s after the end of the series?

Drake Bell – In the series: Drake Parker


Bell has appeared in movies such as the Superheros: The movie, A riotous week-end, and Rags. He returned in 2008 as Drake Parker in the tv movie Drake & Josh, Merry Christmas.

Has been the voice of Timmy Turner in the film based on the original series lively. His most recent work it was in 2019 to Who lost a panda?, animated movie where he lent his voice to the character of a rabbit named Oscar.

In television continued with work voice as Peter Parker/Spider-Man 2012 to 2017.

Musically, at the beginning of this year he released his most recent production called The Lost Album, which includes songs from a hard disk lost. Originally these songs would have been for the album that would follow in 2006, Its Only Time.

Josh Peck – In the series: Josh Nichols


Like Drake Bell, Peck was in Drake & Josh, Merry Christmas. That year he also premiered 2 films and was also the voice of Eddie, one of the possums in the franchise of the Ice Age. Your most recent film is Locating Silver Lake.

In television he acted in The Mindy Project and lent his voice to the 2012 to 2017 in the series of The ninja turtles. Along with John Stamos was working on another series call Grandfathered from 2015 to 2016.

Is selected to sterilize in the series adaptation of Partners and hounds on the streaming service Disney, Disney + (Disney Plus).

Josh was very popular on Vine and is also a Youtuber. Makes vlogs in their own channel.

Miranda Cosgrove – In the series: Megan Parker (sister of Drake)


After Drake & Josh, Looking got his own series iCarlythat was also one of the most successful of Nickelodeon. Along with it, Jerry Trainoranother member of Drake & Josh, played her brother. The series lasted 6 seasons.

Launched a career music singing songs for the series and eventually had her own album Sparks Fly.

Cosgrove is also known for doing the voice of Margo, one of the sisters, taken from the movie My favorite villain.

Decided to take a break from your career artistic to have a school at the University of Southern California.

After graduating, he returned to acting in the horror film The intruders and in the series Crowded. His most recent work it is in the movie, North Hollywood, which has not been released.

Jonathan Goldstein – In the series: Walter Nichols (dad of Josh)


Playing small role in series such as Parks and Recreation, and Greys Anatomy, Goldstein appearances on television.

In movies came out in Flashout, Teacher of the Year and game Night along with Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams.

Recently he has been in the series Suspense, and is working on other films and shorts.

Nancy Sullivan – In the series: Audrey Parker (mother of Drake)


At the end of the seriesSullivan began to be the voice of Lucille Johnson in a series animated on Cartoon Network called Child squirrel. At the end of this last re – Nickelodeon for the Christmas special of Drake & Josh.

He continued to work in Abner, the Invisible Dog and the Island Calama.

Currently it is selected to make of Didi Pickles in the upcoming movie live-action the Rugrats.

Yvette Nicole BrownHelen (head work of Josh)


Estelarizando in series like Community, The Odd Couple and The Mayor, Brown was present on television.

He is currently doing the voice of Luna in the series Ellen Ávalor for Disney since 2016. Has three new series on the way.

In the movies has been seen in Hotel for dogs, 500 days with her, The raw truth, Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters, Avengers: Endgame and The lady and the tramp of Disney +.

It has 2 movies on the way.

Jerry Trainor – “Crazy” Steve (buddy work of Josh)


Along with Miranda Cosgrove he was in iCarly.

Has done voices for animated series and continued working in Nickelodeon in the series Wendell & Vinnie. Participated in ” Still the King and in The stories of Nick Netflix.

For movie was Holiday Road, Living the Dream and Alex and me.

The most recent Trainor has been Camped in Disney, Apocalypse Goals of Snapchat and an upcoming movie.

Allison ScagliottiMindy Crenshaw (girlfriend of Josh)


Scagliotti remained in television after the end of the series. Went on Gemini Division, The Vampire Diaries, Stitchers, Warehouse 13 and the series derived.

Some of the movies that you have recorded after Drake & Josh are Jerry, Loser Takes All and Chastity Bites.

His last appearance was during 2018 in an episode of a series digital call Take One Thing Off.

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