Alex Rodriguez could be the new owners of the New York Mets


For weeks, Alex Rodriguez and his wife Jennifer Lopez they have been linked with the New York Metssince , like your ex-friend Derek Jeter, could be owner of a team MLB.

Starts the countdown to know how it evolves the novel Alex Rodriguez and the New York Metsand is that the latest news indicate that the former baseball goes with everything for being the owner of a team in the MLB.

But you will not be alone, as ARod and JLo will be backed up by JP Morgan Chase, in an attempt to get enough money to buy the other team New York you are not the Yankees.

So, Alex Rodriguez it could be his shadow Derek Jeter, who is one of the owners of Miami Marlins and as we know, both of them have a story quite dramatic. For now, we must expect that the theme of the Coronavirus allow us to come out to the stadiums baseball, and in one of those, we could see a ARod wearing blue and orange as the new owner of the Mets.