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Half the world, not to say the whole world is trying to lend a hand in these difficult times marked by the pandemic. We have seen that artists from all over the world have taken up his role to continue entertaining millions of fans from their homes but many of them have gone a step beyond. As, for example, Justin Bieber that has joined the All in Challenge.

The musician canadian is in his hometown next to his wife Haile Baldwin complying with the confinement, but has decided to pitch in a little more and has launched an interesting challenge that hopes to raise funds to help the millions of people affected by the coronavirus Covid-19.

Through his official portrait on Instagram, Justin Bieber has invited both his followers as any citizen to be a part of your All in Challenge. A kind of challenge that is running like wildfire among celebrities from all over the world and is committed, neither more nor less, than to act in the house of the future winner.

All this taking into account the donations that are made that iran intended to help people without resources. “Hello to you all. I have accepted the challenge All in Challenge. Involved so that you can travel to your town, visit your house and sing something for you, as many are asking me, One less lonely girl, and maybe some others. Help us to feed the hungry during these challenging times. Also Kanye West, Chris Brown and Chris Pratt, I challenge you to join the challenge,” he wrote in his account.

Unfortunately for millions of fans of the canadian, the contest is exclusive to united States and Canada but do not rule out that if the initiative works could be extended to the rest of the world.

Other artists, like Drake for example, have also been added to the challenge. In the case of the rapper her ‘prize’ is a sort of VIP pass to the universe Drake, that is to say, to fly in his personal jet, wearing his athletic shoes, going to exclusive clubs…

Obviously, all this will happen once the circumstances allow and it is safe for the health of all to be able to perform a concert of Justin Bieber in the living room of the house.


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