Archie, son of Meghan and Harry, will miss his first birthday party


When Meghan Sussex was to days of their marriage, the prince Harry he sought to Thomas Markle to talk with him and prevent his problems from being older, as well as released a document that would prove that the duke and duchess wanted to reach an agreement with the dad of the actress.


According to the Guardian newspaper, Henry of Sussex wrote a letter to dad Meghan Markle to stop him from airing his problems to the press, in addition, he blamed the media that the relationship of Thomas with his daughter has deteriorated with time.

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According to the website of the English newspaper, the messages were revealed in documents presented in Court to demonstrate that the dukes of Sussex tried to contact to Thomas Markle when the problems between him and your daughter were older, prior to the actual wedding.

“Harry tried to rescue the situation before the wedding. ‘Hey, Tom, Harry again!’ I really need to talk to you. No need to apologize, we understand the circumstances, but ‘make public’ only make the situation worse. If you love Meg and want to fix everything, call me, there are two other options that do not involve that you will have to talk to the media,” reads the report of the medium.

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“Trust me, Tom. Only we can help”, according to The Guardian. However, contrary to what they expected, Thomas Markle to talk with another american site to make it known that he had suffered a heart attack just two days of the wedding Meghan Markle and the prince Harry.

When this news is released, the documents would reveal that the actress from “Suits” looked to his father to offer help. “You’re not answering any of our calls or responding to any text message, I’m concerned for your health and safety and have taken all measures to protect you but I’m not sure what more we can do.”

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The duchess of Sussex and prince Harry sued the Sunday Mail for invading his privacy and publishing a letter she sent to her father, but the media claims that they are not agreed that it was a private document and that she was a public member of the royalty of the English.

These documents were presented in court last Friday, just days before Meghan Markle and prince Harry, sent a letter to the british media to report zero tolerance to any publication concerning their private lives.

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