Ardent, thus they showed Karol G with bathing dress

The colombian singer took advantage of the quarantine to remind you a day at the sea side and with tight bikini.

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The colombian singer Karol G it has always proven to be an all-round artist, because not only has he been recognized for composing part of the lyrics of their songs and have a great talent that has shown with his voice, but also is a woman who has an undeniable beauty.

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And so bragged about recently through its official account of Instagram when she decided to share a photo that he put to fly the imagination of many users that daily continue to know of your life and everything that makes with regard to his professional career.

In the snapshot, the artist posed in front of the camera while he was taking a walk in what apparently would have been a luxurious yacht, while it showed in a tight bikini with that but just let her see part of her breasts was enough for thousands of fans to melt by the paisa.

The message that accompanied his post made reference to the new song of reggaeton and very high-profile during the quarantine of the singer Bad Bunny, ‘Safaera’, with the aside: “Mommy what you want”.

So that automatically hundreds of internet users decided to perform hundreds of comments that mostly admired the sensuality and expressed the love that they feel for the interpreter ‘Tusa’.

“Me derrito of love for you”, “you have all the flavor of colombia”, “you’re beautiful”, “the artist most complete that I know of in the world of music”, “my greatest admiration for you beautiful”, “what a sensual lights”, “you’re perfect without the 90, 60, 90”, they wrote some of their fans.

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