Ariana Grande takes advantage of the quarantine to create new songs


For some, the quarantine is proving to be a break in their lives and yet for other people is proving to be a time to take advantage and turn it into productive. Ariana Grande is one of the many artists that are taking advantage of the confinement to continue working and the quarantine could be inspired to compose.

The singer herself has posted a photograph from the studio of his house in which he shows that he is immersed in his musical projects, but later for reasons unknown has decided to delete the picture.

The united states is one of the last countries that has been affected by the pandemic. From the first moment the vast majority of its inhabitants are aware of the severity that they were living in other countries were made aware of the situation and there were many artists who were called to civic responsibility through the social networks. Ariana Grande was one of them, and since then has not ceased to have contact with their followers and fans to those who usually entertain with a very varied content.

Now that you have transcended some of the data that fed into the rumor of possible collaboration, in these days have become more central to the theories which claim that the singer could have done a collaboration with Lady Gaga. Although it seemed that the news could be announced soon, a delay in the release of the album of the singer in new york has doubled the impatience of fans of both who can’t wait for the confirmation to his suspicions.

Although they have not transcended details we have no doubt that Ariana Grande is working on some surprises which will help us to cope with as best as possible our running of the bulls at home. We hope that throughout the week to break out more data that could be part of our soundtrack during the quarantine period.