As irreverent as her own. The comedian brazilian conquest pay-tv, talks with My Diary of your new project


Jade Includes Preta returns with series-comedy The Soup where what is left is the humor

A Latin american that step opens up on the easy north american market is the comedian brazilian Jade Includes Preta who fans of the series in the cable television will be able to recognize them by their papal starred in productions of much popularity as Californication(2007), Manhattan Love Story(2014) and Future Man(2017).

Jade returns to the screens of Latin american in this 2020 with a legendary franchise “The Soup” channel E! Entertainment Television, which will be your host and will catch up to all those fans of pop culture with what they need to learn from the world of entertainment.

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In a special interview for My Daily Panama the comedian spoke about this new project and your expectations to conquer its Latin american audience.

What changes we will see in the program?

Yes, the show will be like what we know and love, but we’re going to have changes as my person by several characters and thus little by little go about creating a great universe.

How did you get the opportunity to become the host of the program?

I was on the radar of E! because I had already done with them in a pilot program earlier that year. So, I was on their radar, then I participated in the auditions, I got the material to do all the tests and at the end I got the role. At other times in my career has been much more complicated to get the role, that’s why now I am grateful that I have been given so easy.

What has been the reaction of the people, in the united States, to the show?

In fact, it has been very good and positive, we have supported a lot and have been accepted quite well by the show. I think that they see that I’m wanting to do my own show without imitating anyone. I have been very lucky to meet so many people that has reacted with great joy and support .

What are your expectations for the new show and how do you think the audience will react to this?

I think that my expectations for the show is to have fun. People when you turn on your tv says: Hey! There is my friend Jade. I want to make people laugh, feel comfortable with me and feel happy to turn on their TV each week to follow the program.

Social networks have become a great tool today, we have the example of Kim Kardashian who Is very active in networks, but I would like to know how much we will see of social networks in this season?

We hope to present the social networks as much as possible since I always had a lot of conversations. The idea is to provide the public with more content and that way to be more connected to us.

How do you think you will react the audience of Latin america to the show?

Well, I hope you really like it. Many things in the show about what what happens in the united States but it seems to me important to add that touch of latino. The fact that is to be submitted to Latin america and represent and work for that amount of people is very special and important to me.

How much you participate in the behind-the-scenes of the show?

I am very involved with that, I had to choose the writers and the contributors. I try to participate in everything possible, to be involved in everything and I feel very grateful to be able to work as well.

How do you the idea of the trailer of this new show?

We had a marketing team incredible. We knew that we wanted to do rather silly and we are trying to do something bigger, how a universe, so that we start with those ideas.

What would be your advice for people who want to enter the world of comedy?

My advice would be to be immersed completely in that world, they have to be open minded to get to know comedians and people. I would say that they are very active in their social networks, which do their own shows with their own ideas, have their own channels, do not expect others to give them chances but that you be those who take the initiative.

Are there any special guests that would like to have on the show?

My god, there are so many. In reality there are many guests who would like to have. I think that in reality I would like to have any guest who is fun to work and that people like it.

How does it feel to be a latina who is having success in the united States?

I’m actually very proud of my work and feel very well represent my country. It makes Me very happy to know that I’m from Brazil, is something that makes me emotional because I am happy to reach so far and to represent my country.

For the panamanian public what is the new show?

The show is still trying to the same thing, it is a program in which we show moments of funny and rare television and now on social networks too. We want to have fun with it and include them in a sketch. Yes, what I would describe as a clip show.

What dreams or aspirations do you have about this new season?

My dream is that people love the program, that in truth they feel comfortable with the show, and, in the moments in which the people to be sad or boring, are able to enjoy a show that makes you enjoy.

What is it that you like to do comedy?

For me, comedy has become a kind of therapy, both personal and for those who see it. I really enjoy giving joy to the people because laughter is the universal language and I want to feel connected to through the show.

How involved was E! In the development of the show?

They were very involved in the show, are always very aware of making good pieces of work and have supported me a lot with the ideas that have emerged. They know the audience better than anyone, so I am very grateful for all their work and collaboration.

How camest thou to the world of comedy?

I started in Brazil dancing, then I started to engage with people who were in the world of comedy and I ended up enamorándome of stand up comedy. Gradually I met more people that told me that mine was the comedy and everything to get into that topic began to go very well to get where I am. Everything has been very exciting for me.