Astroworld, the possible concert Travis Scott on Fortnite


Live events are one of the strong points of Fortnite. From Epic Games have managed to carve a niche thanks to bringing millions of people together at the same time seeing the same animation from their different games.

It all started with the launch of the rocket, but have been evolving and improving the quality of these events with things as amazing as the black hole or the cube. For this reason, people usually wait with eager to the arrival of this type of events.

Normally, this type of events are intended to the changes of the season, as it is not a simple thing to do to be doing it every few weeks. However, on some occasions, they also do special events in the middle of a season.

One of the most talked-about was the concert of Marshmello. In that event they came to collect more than a million people at the same time to listen to the music of the well-known dj on a stage that appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the map.

Since that event it has already been several months, but it seems that we will have a new delivery of an event to the music in Fortnite. Data miners have found new information about Astroworld, which refers to a possible concert of Travis Scott.

This theory has begun to take force at the time that has appeared an object in the middle of the island of Fortnite that issues the base of one of the songs of the rapper when the players pointed at him.

For the moment, the rest of the details are a mystery. It is true that the data miners have found a number of data indicate that lconstruction of the stage will begin soonbut the reality is that there is nothing tangible on which to rely.

What is clear is that Epic Games will be leaving small tracks on the map as you go closer to the event date, so we have to be very attentive to everything that happens on the island.