AWESOME! Check out this sneak peek of Johnny Depp as the Joker in the Universe of Batman. It is great!


After much controversy over the situation with his former wife, we can finally go back to talk about Johnny Depp and their possible future jobs.

In this case, we go directly to what concerns the protagonist of Willy Wonka, we are referring to the premiere of the new movie “The Batman”.

The new blockbuster directed by Matt Reeves, will present at Robert Pattinson in the role of the Dark Knight and according to the speculations of the iconic American as the villain, most famous.

The rumours about that the actor who incarnated Jack Sparrow, it could become the Joker in these new instalments of the saga of Batman will not stop and that is why a fantastic fanart submitted in the last few days left us perplexed.

In this work of art shows the Hollywood star in the skin of the enemy more fierce as the knight of the night. With a design that is more reminiscent of the Joker represented at the time by Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger as the last of Joaquin Phoenix.

If you notice, the character and the look of the perfidious clown will sit perfectly at the interpreter of Sweeney Todd. Perhaps this is due to the similarity with a good part of their roles.

What is certain is that this publication viral did nothing more than stoking the desire of the fans Depp you see it in action, since, reluctantly had to accept that the actor is separated from his latest project because of the scandal with Amber Heard.