Beauty and talent of paraguay in Portugal

Rosa Minho is 20 years old and played at FC Famalicão in the Portuguese football. Chronic spoke with her, we tell her story and how it lives (along with four partners) in times of quarantine in the above-mentioned european country.


It is called Mystical Rose Miño Martínez, is 20 years old and played at FC Famalicão; a female football team of the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, which is currently in the Second Division and at the time sparked the health crisis caused by the covid-19 was in the area of promotion (pointer).

Live alone in Europe and even more in times of a pandemic is very complicated, strange to his family; but he knows that to consolidate on the Old Continent should have a lot of strength. Chronic spoke with her about her career, family, boyfriends, and the many dreams you still have to make it a reality.

As in large par t of the world, in Portugal the championship of football of Second Division is stopped and the population in general is in quarantine.

His contract with FC Famalicão is up to half of this year, but after the appearance of the coronavirus uncertainty made a shadow on the entire world sport and the football of the country where he was born Cristiano Ronaldo does not escape this reality. However, Mystical Rose, who wears that name because he was born on June 13, day of the Virgin mary Mystical Rose, was very optimistic looking at the future. If you do not follow in your current team there will be another that wants to tell with her.

“I started playing football at the age of 15 in the UAA (Autonomous University of Asuncion), I started in the youth category. From there I went to the club on June 9, Mariano Roque Alonso and in 2015 signed for Cerro Porteño. I was in the Cyclone until 2018. Last year I played in the club Foz Waterfall of Brazil, and from the beginning of this by the year 2020 in Portugal. This is my first experience in Europe”, commented on the beginning the player who combines beauty and talent.

He added, “Andrés Alves is my representative, he had told me at the beginning of the year that there were two offers, one from Spain and another from Portugal, at the end came out this of Portugal”.

FC FAMALICÃO. His current club was founded on August 21 of 1931 in the town of Vila Nova de Famalicão, in the district of Braga (Portugal). In every sense it is a team guy, his budget is far from what the great of that country. It is characterized by form and sell players.

“I want to play in Spain or in a large in Brazil”

Up to the time the FC Famalicão is the leader of the tournament of Second Division. This image was taken after a win.

Not only in the male branch, the teams of Brazil and some countries in Europe are well positioned and are attractive to the players, the same thing happens in football.

When asked about their main objectives, Mystic Rose was very clear, she points to great things and is willing to work hard to reach their goals. “I want to play in Spain, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are great teams. In England there are also good teams and pay very well. And if I had to choose a team of our continent, without a doubt, I would choose a large one for Brazil; as the Corinthians. My goal is to be in a competitive team, that is fighting for important things and where one can grow,” he said.

Are 6 siblings, she is the only woman and the only one that plays football

In your family is the only “babe”, that’s why it was always the most pampered. Has five brothers and although it may seem incredible, none of them plays soccer, but she did.

“From very young I liked the sport in general and in particular football. And among all the brothers, I am the only one that is dedicated to the football in a professional way. My 20 years this is the start recently,” he said.

At his young age, Pink has already played two world cups and a Copa America. He joined the national team that competed at the World under 17 in Jordan in 2016, then he was in the u-20 World cup in France and the Copa America in Chile, both in the year 2018.

“Having a long-distance relationship is almost impossible”

In terms of the personal relationships of the athlete paraguayan admitted that he was always conscious about the difficulty of having a partner while you are a professional footballer, because I simply don’t believe in distance relationships.

Posing with the jersey of the Portuguese team when he came to Europe

“When a player is very difficult to have a stable partner and a long-distance relationship; having a relationship at a distance is almost impossible, very difficult. For us it is more difficult than for men, because a lot of times when a club hires a player has the possibility of bringing his family to live with him; our case is very different,” said the exjugadora of Cerro Porteño.

On the other hand, from their point of view the career of a footballer is very short, so that you can barely resume their studies.

“I’m going to study Commercial Engineering and probably study it on-line. I can’t leave out the study,” he said. She was one of those that think that an athlete should supplement their career as such with the university study.

“There has to be conduct sportsman”

Another of the aspects for a Mystic Rose is the key to achieve success is discipline, in this sense, remarked: “Many times the girls do not care for because they say that they are not paid or are paid very little. To succeed is to have conduct of a sportsman. In Paraguay there is a lot of talent, but lack work and discipline, without these aspects we are not going to reach the excellence. We must aim to be better every day… and I think that it can be”.

In particular, by the streets of Braga.

“Here, in Portugal, the people is cold, do not have empathy”, he i

Rosa lives in the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão, district of Braga, the house he shares with four other companions is located 20 minutes from the city of Braga and 30 in Porto.

“The city where I am is like the interior of Portugal, and the truth the people here is very cold, they have no empathy; they are not like the south americans. Anyway, I am very well, I live in a big house with four companions, three brazilian and one uruguayan,” he said.

As far as the language said that the Portuguese that is spoken there is very closed and it costs a lot to understand. “They like that they do not open the mouth to speak, it is very difficult to understand them, it is very closed,” he said. What five women in a house?, “Yes,” he replied. “The club gives us money weekly, we go to the super and we cook,” he revealed.

Love of mother, support of mother, recipes of mother

Next to her mother Celestina Martinez, the most important woman in his life.

Alexandra Morgan Carrasco, known as Alex Morgan, the brazilian Arthur Henrique Ramos de Oliveira Melo, better known as Arthur Melo and the paraguayan William Mendieta (ex-Olympia) are the idols of Pink; but there is someone who is a great inspiration and your true ídola, his mother Celestina Martinez.

“My mom is very special to me because they always supported me, always, at all times. My dad (Oscar Felipe Miño) also supports me now, but when I started I said that football was not for women,” he said between laughter.

He also mentioned to his mom when cooking. “I was not a cook, I did not know cooking, but now being here alone in Portugal, I learned. I do a little of everything, I usually cook to my fellow brazilian, I like the rice with sauce that I make,” he said. When asked what it is that he makes more, he cited “chicken, beef, noodles and some other things. Also it depends on the day”.

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