Beyonc, Gaga give hope at event of star virus

NEW YORK .- Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Lizzo, Shawn Mendes and others interpreted classical filled with messages of hope and change during a television special directed to the fight against the coronavirus, while Beyonc and Alicia Keys spoke strongly about how the virus has affected disproportionately to americans of black race.

Beyonc appeared of surprise in the program of the Saturday One World: Together At Home and agradeci to the dispatchers, mail carriers and sanitation workers for their hard work during the pandemic.

Black americans belong disproportionately to these essential sectors of the workforce who do not have the luxury of working from home. And african-american communities in general have been severely affected by this crisis. Those with pre-existing conditions are an under-ms risk. The virus est killing black people at a rate that’s really alarming here in the united States, said Beyonc.

African-americans make up more than a third of the deaths by COVID-19 in the pas, where the race of victims has been made public. Data of states, cities and counties show a sobrerrepresentacin of black in comparison with the rest of the population affected.

Please protjanse, continu Beyonc. We are a family. We need them. We need their voices, their skills and their strength. S that it is very difficult, but please be patient, mantnganse encouraged, keep the faith, mantnganse positive and keep praying for our hroes.

An analysis of The Associated Press, based on data up to the Thursday, hall of the ms 21,500 sufferers whose information demogrfica was known and disclosed by officials, ms 6.350 were black, or almost 30%. African-americans represent 14.2% of the 241 million people who live in areas covered by the analysis. Ms 33,000 deaths had been registered in the united States until Thursday.

Keys present similar data, when I spoke during the special. Finish your message by saying: Keep up your frequency and sending all my love.

Gaga, who cur-the event is studded with stars, inaugur encouraging those who are battling the pandemic, to get the way of sonrer despite the pain, performing a version of the song of Nat King Cole’s Smile.

Cant during the second part of the event for eight hours in support of the Organization World Health alongside Global Citizen.

I am concerned about the workers, the doctors who are risking their lives for us, ” said Gaga.

Wonder interpret with a piano Lean On Me (Apyate in m) of Bill Withers, who died the 30 of march. He said that during adversities such as this, we have to rely on each other. John Legend and Sam Smith, each from his house, did a duet of Stand by Me; Lizzo cant Change Is Gonna Eat with passion; and Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, sitting together, What a Wonderful World.

Paul McCartney interpret Lady Madonna of the Beatles, and I talked about the work of his mother, a nurse. The members of the Rolling Stones from four different places joined forces to play You Cant Always Get What You Want. And Taylor Swift interpret Soon you’ll Get Better while playing the piano.

The former first ladies american Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Bill and Melinda Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Pharrell Williams, Kerry Washington, Lupita Nyongo and Henry Golding gave words of encouragement while photos of health care workers and people common you see on the screen. J Balvin even offered tips to avoid contracting the virus, such as washing hands, while doctors and other health workers spoke about the social distancing and assistance efforts.

One World: Together At Home and showed up at the stars in environments ntimos transmitting virtually to the world. The program was issued simultneamente by ABC, NBC, CBS, Univision, iHeartMedia and Bell Media, and had Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel as hosts.

Colbert told viewers to draw their wallets, and the left side. Kimmel added that more than 50 million dollars since they had raised to help people in need during the global crisis.

Among other participants were Billie Eilish and her brother and producer Finneas, Elton John, Jennifer Lpez, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Kacey Musgraves, Maluma and Keith Urban. Gaga, Legend, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli and Lang Lang closed the special with an interpretation of The Prayer.

Previously in the day, an event of six hours in which participated Andra Day, Niall Horan, Kesha, Matthew McConaughey, Jack Black, Heidi Klum and Jason Segel aired on digital platforms as part of One World: Together At Home. Also acted, or spoke Latin artists including Juanes, Anitta, Becky G, Luis Fonsi, Natti Natasha and Sebastin Yatra.

Here Kesha from the 500 of the quarantine. Extrao, both to my fans, ” said Kesha sitting in front of your fireplace while your cat makes sounds in the background. S that there are a lot of people working without sleep and sacrificing so much to help decipher this for all the world and slo I think that the vulnerability of all of us as human beings at this time est showing a side really beautiful humanity”.

After thanking those on the front lines of the battle, said: “I’m going to do what they do best s to do, which is play some music and hopefully save the da even a little bit. That is my goal.

The renowned pianist Lang Lang, singer country Maren Morris, the rocker Hozier, the star britnica Rita Ora, and the singer emirat Hussain Al Jassmi also performed during the special, which included videos focused on health workers battling the propagacin of the coronavirus. Also there was a segment of couples casndose some at the entrance of their houses, other in during the pandemic.

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