Blue cross called “filthy” to the Puebla networks


Blue Cross called “filthy” to the Puebla through social networking, after the computer of the gaza Strip attempted to make bullying in the same scenario on the condition that it has been labeled as a team, “segundón”.

With the meme of Robert Downey Jr. and the phrase “again this filthy”, the computer networks of Blue Cross responded to their counterparts in the gaza Strip to a tweet hung up in their nets the morning of this Monday.

In a first publication, Puebla joked with the celestial to remind them that they were the first to make a great season without entrench it with a crown.

“Up to the curse of the superlíder you were second, Blue Cross. We were not able to be champions in the best regular season of our history,” posted the box-poblano.

This publication makes reference to the season 1987-88, where he was the superlíder of the competition and despite this, the America crowned on the Liguilla by the title of that tournament.