By COVID-19, IMSS suspends liver transplantation for infants


Since he was born in January of 2019, the little Rodrigo had yellow skin. The first doctor who examined him only advised his parents to “give him sun baths”, but even if they did, they improved. When they finally arrived with a pediatrician, she, thanks to the studies of blood and urine that he ordered, confirmed the diagnosis: the baby had liver damage.

To know with accuracy what was the condition needed a specialist. Rodrigo Vian, 42-year-old, dad of the little, was then working in a company selling laboratory equipment, so he could go to the IMSS, but the appointments were very far apart; tried at the Children’s Hospital Federico Gomez, but it was the same.

The family of Rodrigo, a native of Tamaulipas, was recommended to go there, because in province hospitals were less saturated. And so he did. By then he had already lost the work and the affiliation to the IMSS because his time now was occupied by your baby’s health, but is affiliated to the Seguro Popular, which still operated.

Rodrigo was treated at the Children’s Hospital of Ciudad Victoria and after a series of studies, the specialist determined that the baby was born without a gallbladder and had biliary atresia, that is, obstruction to the flow of bile from the liver.

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Although babies with this disease, before the age of three months, they can do a surgery called a Kasai, the small was no longer a candidate because she was going to meet five months old. The only option was a liver transplant because the damage was such that it had caused cirrhosis of the liver.

The medical City Victory recommended Rodrigo to look for another job with social security because, although the IMSS has gaps and poor service in the first level, the third level is the best that there is in the country, he said. And so it was. “I grabbed the first job that I found in a workshop of silkscreen inks,” says Rodrigo who is an industrial chemist by profession.

The 21 of June of 2019, Rodrigo was received at the National Medical Center La Raza, one of the best specialty hospitals in the country, where we applied the protocol appropriate to determine whether it was a candidate for the transplant.

Although it was, this hospital could not do the transplant for a baby of less than 10 kilograms, Rodrigo barely weighed 8.3 kg and was 0.69 meters, nor with donor alive, just corpses.

That’s why, in July, the government began the procedure for which the small outside-received in the National Medical Center Century XXI. Until September it ordered already start record in the said hospital, according to a trade signed by the director of medical services, Victor Hugo Borja Aburto, addressed to the director of Pediatrics, Hermilio de la Cruz Yanez.

There, again was subjected to the protocol for the transplant, the same thing that his mother Kirenia Peacock, of 32 years, who would donate 25% of your liver. Finally, in march of this year they were told that in the appointment of the following month would give a date for the operation. Rodrigo was in the fourth position in the list for the operating room.

There were the 6 of April to receive the date, “we were very excited, because we had already completed all the studies,” says Rodrigo, but what they received was bad news. Due to the spread of COVID-19 in the country were suspended the operations such as this.

“As we got to the last one, and suspends all. The doctor told us he could not do anything because of coronaviruses are suspended for the surgeries. ‘There are to ask God for your child to hold until the end of this, we do not know when,’” he told your doctor.

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Rodrigo has hope that his son can fight another battle, after these 15 months of struggle. “Now we must wait and trust ourselves to God for my child stamina, your body will be able to withstand the month or two that will last the suspension of the surgeries”.

Political Animal consulted at the IMSS on the cases of transplantation, and the authority confirmed the cancellation as part of the measures recommended by the National Center of Transplants (CENATRA), the governing body under the Secretariat of Health and international agencies, including “temporarily suspend the donation process, the surgeries of extraction and transplantation of organs and tissues”.

Andsto to protect patients from a possible contagion “due to the high risk that they would have the patients for the disease by the coronavirus, to have compromised his immune system defense, secondary to the pharmacological treatment anti rejection given”.

Although the IMSS said that “does not cease to be met the emergency national medical for transplant, managed and supervised by the CENATRA, such is the case of the failure fulminant liver, heart damage and irreversible corneal injury severe, among others.”

And in the cases of scheduled surgery, as that of Rodrigo, “have follow-up by medical specialists to the control of the underlying disease, ensuring that the transplantation has been carried out in the best possible conditions to achieve success and reduce the risks of complications.”

The next of the appointment of the little one will be on may 4, but their parents fear that the fragile health of the small not be able to resist until the contingency happens, even though I didn’t know exactly when it will be. Mainly because a result of liver damage, also suffering from portal hypertension, which is are varicose veins that burst put him in danger.

In these 15 months of life, the small has faced each space in the hospitals, and their parents take the account because, among the 12 hospitalizations, 8 endoscopy for review of varicose veins, and two of bleeding caused by digestive tract, and two more in the endoscopías, has been in situations so horrible, that we still can’t remove the images of our memories.”

For this reason, parents of small only hope that the contingency will go by quickly, and, above all, that a lot of people aware that to not follow the recommendations affect many children and that perhaps more lives are lost due to chronic diseases by the same Covid-19”.

“Now we have to wait”

Reyna Cote, 24 years old, was studying accounting, but since I was diagnosed with your baby Ariadne of biliary atresia in November of 2018, he left the university. With almost four months of age had surgery to the small Medical Center, The Race with the intervention Kasai, but it didn’t work, so the next option was the transplant.

Although he already had 7 months of treatment at the hospital due mainly to the intervention and the care of infections, they spent three months more to be sent to the Medical Center Century XXI, because only there they could do the transplant for babies with a living donor.

In this case the donor would be her father, David Avendaño 21-year-old, who works as a custodian in a chain of home furnishing stores. Just in February of this year concluded all the studies that must be submitted to confirm compatibility. And in march obtained the latest results of the small.

The 10 of march he was informed that the date of the transplant would be the 24 of march, but before that date he advised that it would be suspended due to the coronavirus. All interventions were cancelled so as not to put patients at risk by the probability of contagion.

You were told to return the following month, after the first date of quarantine expected for April 19, that they indicate a possible reschedule date, but now, due to the fact that the health authority toured the deadline for may, Reyna knows that it is likely the transplant is once again postponed.

“Now it remains to wait to see how much is the most you have had enough. Children with atresia are at more risk because at any moment you can be put bad. They are in a thread,” says Reyna.

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