Calendar of premiere of movies, DC after the coronavirus


MADRID, 21 Apr. (CulturaOcio) –

As already happened with the premieres of the Movie Universe Marvelpandemic coronavirus has also forced Warner to change the pitches of their projects based on characters from DC Comics. The delays in the productions, as well as the closure of the cinema, has disrupted the release schedule of Batman Wonder Woman, Shazam and company.

Warner Bros. it has been one of the recent large studies in to modify the dates of their premiereswaiting for the rest of the producers to provide them with their pitches to be able to analyze how the market will be in the coming months and years.

However, while Marvel has decided to delay its entire list of moviesthe most postponed on the date of the film which will come after, DC has opted to alter some of the releases while others, such as Wonder Woman 1984 or the sequel Aquaman, are on the same date.

This is the calendar of upcoming DC for the next few years:

WONDER WOMAN 1984 (AUGUST 14, 2020)

By the time the character played by Gal Gadot it will return the date that I had planned from the beginning. The experts hope that the confinement has finished for the summer and are optimistic in regard to the reopening of the cinema. This way, Wonder Woman it will be the first superheroine to reach in 2020, following the delay of Black Widow until November.


The delays because of the coronavirus will not be limited only to 2020, as the vast majority of productions have had to stay in suspense because of the health measures. The Suicide squad, James Gunn luckily it had already completed its filming, and now Gunn and his team work in post-production remotely. The director said that the film would not suffer delays.


Unfortunately The Batman Matt Reeves was not so luckyand the production was discontinued with only 25% of the filming is finished. It was hoped that it could resume in may, but that seems quite unlikely. Warner has decided to delay the film four monthsin what seems like a movement rather clever, since the rumors suggest that the film is inspired by the story of The Long Halloween.


The production of Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson it has also had to delay by a coronavirus, although the actor is expected to begin in August or September. At the expense of this, Warner has not yet fixed the date for the premiere of the filmbut it is stipulated that it will not come until the end of 2021.


Despite the delays, the animation studios are trying to continue their work electronically. According to Deadline, the tape lively pet superheróicas continues its course, but keep in mind that the files of a production weigh much, and that means that the internet connection can cause problems. Even so, Warner remains optimistic with the project.


In a surprising decision, Warner has decided to bring forward the release date of The Flash with Ezra Miller a month, anchoring it to the 3 of June of 2022. By the time the pre-production continues on-line and it is expected that when you lift the confinement of the production of the film directed by Andy Muschietti progress at a fast pace. In this way, the tape Runner Scarlet will be released after Captain Marvel 2in another smart move by Warner.


Shazam 2 David F. Sandberg has been delayed until November of 2022, and away from other big releases from Marvel as Black Panther 2 and Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse 2. In fact, in November there is no other release of the genreso there will be little competition for the child wizard of DC.


Finally, the second solo adventure of Aquaman Jason Momoa it has been maintained without delayswith its release date scheduled for December 2022. For then it is expected that the crisis of the coronavirus is controlled completely, and that everything has returned to normal within two years. Although, of course, there can always be delays of last time.